The Easter App Hunt

The perfect apps for Easter (Source: Fotolia)

Easy on the eyes

Start looking forward to Easter with the bright colors and festive themes the Easter Wallpaper Collection offers. From painted eggs and cute baby chicks to beautifully decorated nests, this free app (English only) has everything to make you take a second look at your display.

To keep your smartphone looking sharp, choose an Easter-themed wallpaper design. (Source: iTunes App Store)

Time flies when you’re having fun

What time is it? It’s an important question several times a day, and luckily, Rabbit Clock is here to help. Friendly bunnies in colorful costumes tell you the hour, minute, and date with a smile – and free of charge. Available in English, Japanese, and Russian.

Time for a little spring cleaning? Spruce up your iPhone with this cast of characters. (Source: iTunes App Store)

Warm regards

Help those around you get in the Easter mood! Just pick a theme and send it off, or post it on Facebook to brighten their day. As its name suggests, the app “Greeting Cards for All Seasons & Occasions” works for other special occasions, as well. It’s free on the App Store in English, French, and German.

This app allows you to send festive greeting cards to friends and family throughout the year. (Source: iTunes App Store)

Perfect eggs with your iPhone

What would Easter be without eggs? Hard-boiling them just right, however, isn’t always so easy. This is where EggTimer Lite comes in. The app is programmed to perform scientific calculations that factor in egg size and temperature in providing the user with optimal cooking times. After trying out the free EggTimer Lite, you’ll wonder how you ever boiled eggs without it. The developer has released English and German versions of the app.

Cook the perfect egg every time with this helpful app. (Source: iTunes App Store)

For those with taste

Ever wanted to watch a top chef at work in the kitchen and follow his or her lead? Johann Lafer, one of Germany’s most renowned culinary masters, has assembled his best recipes in the app Meine besten Rezepte, which also offers step-by-step instructions on how to whip up a fine Easter feast. You can choose from around 250 recipes of varying difficulty in eight categories. The app is only available in German and costs €1.59. (German only)

Meanwhile, Lafer’s no less famous British colleague Jamie Oliver now offers his own app in English. It includes 10 free recipes in English and German, and users can purchase further suggestions (along with corresponding videos) that are categorized by subject.

Celebrate the holidays with a delicious meal from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook. (Source: iTunes App Store)