Five Things You Need to Know About SAP’s Move in Predictive Analytics

Today SAP responded to our customers’ advanced analytics needs and ability to derive value from big data with the introduction of a new predictive analytics solution from SAP. Predictive analytics is a hot topic right now, recently cited by several industry analysts as one of the future trends in analytics.

Here are five important points to take note of regarding SAP’s approach to predictive analytics:

1) Data mining and predictive analytics have been around for a long time but with new market forces changing the landscape – more and more people in the business want to derive predictive insights from the increasing volumes of “Big Data” coming online. The market and our customers have been anxiously waiting to hear a concrete predictive strategy from SAP. The time has come and we’re announcing the ramp-up of SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis – a major milestone in SAP’s movement in predictive. The application fills a void for our customers – both Business Objects standalone and joint Business Objects and SAP. It also strengthens the completeness of our analytics portfolio.

2) Predictive analytics is still a data statistician game, but people across the organization are demanding predictive insights. We want to give all users what they need. SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis, gives statisticians what they need most….productivity. The application includes an incredibly modern, easy to use interface for designing predictive models then visualizing, discovering, and sharing insights. It includes its own predictive algorithms and integrates with the hugely successful R open-source statistical function library.  To meet the needs of the broader business and its users, easily digestible predictive insight is being extended and embedded in BI and business applications where those users already work – on the web, on-demand, and on mobile devices.

3) The layering of SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis on top of SAP HANA is the one-two punch of this announcement. Coupled with SAP HANA, users can put speed and power behind their predictive strategy and deliver predictive insights from “Big Data” in real-time.

4) That being said, SAP remains committed to customers that want to layer analytics on top of non-SAP databases. SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis can access other vendor databases (such as Sybase, SQL, Oracle, etc.), can access flat files and spreadsheets, and can pull data from SAP BusinessObjects Universes. This application is another proof point of our commitment to heterogeneity that SAP made to customers almost five years ago when we acquired BusinessObjects.

5) SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis software is currently available via the SAP Ramp-Up program, so we’re just beginning. But when you look at how well SAP is performing in areas like cloud, in-memory databases, mobile, line-of business and industry applications – it isn’t hard to see how SAP could not only lead the predictive market, but change the game.

Mani Gill is vice president and general manager of business intelligence solutions at SAP.