Load Tests Prove Scalability and High-Volume Capability of SAP for Utilities Solutions


MADRID  SAP today announced it successfully conducted two load tests that once again demonstrated the high-volume capabilities of the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio, including impressive results in performance and ability to handle large volumes of data. The announcement was made at the SAP Conference for Utilities 2012, being held April 17-19 in Madrid.

To assess the operational feasibility of the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio, two different tests were run. In a first benchmark, SAP concentrated on measuring the exchange of consumption data between distribution network operators and suppliers, as is common in regulated markets. The second benchmark has been performed jointly with SAP technology partners and focused on customers’ individual consumption data. Based on 10 million customers in the system and around 1 billion single values per day, a daily billing of 500,000 customers has been simulated accordingly.

The SAP for Utilities solution portfolio had been successfully verified on moderate hardware, with a two-tier architecture used in both tests. The SAP system and database server ran on a mid-range server with eight processors and 96GB main memory or four processors and 256GB main memory respectively. Individual results are as follows (all throughputs have been rounded to an hour):

  • Transferring individual consumption data from a meter data unification system (MDUS)/meter data management (MDM) system to the SAP system: up to 1.34 billion single values per hour
  • Billing meters, including aggregation of individual consumption data into four time slices per meter: up to 3.43 million per hour
  • Transferring time slices from the MDUS/MDM system: just under 80 million per hour for 20 million meters
  • Billing meters based on time slices received from the MDUS/MDM system: up to 4.65 million per hour
  • Sending consumption data measured between market partners: up to 11.2 million time series per hour, which corresponds to just over 1 billion individual consumption values
  • Receiving consumption data measured between market partners: up to 15.9 million time series per hour, which corresponds to more than 1.5 billion individual consumption values

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Media Contact:
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