40 Years of SAP: New Web Magazine

The new dynamic web magazine - SAP Milestones - is now live! (Graphic: grasundsterne)

The stylish and highly innovative digital magazine brings SAP’s rich history to life and enables contemporary witnesses to tell their stories. Feature stories explain SAP’s influence on business and information technology, show how SAP software increasingly influences people’s lives, and provide a glimpse into the future of IT.

The first chapter, “Evolution,” deals with the founding and the rise of SAP while the next chapter, “Impact,” focuses on megatrends such as urbanization and digitalization, and provides examples of how SAP software can help master these global challenges. The third chapter, “Perspectives,” explains how SAP makes use of technology trends such as cloud and in-memory computing for its own benefit and the benefit of its customers. In addition, renowned IT experts such as Joshua Greenbaum voice their opinion on SAP’s success.

Celebrating 40 years of SAP, the magazine contains first-hand accounts of the early years and articles about the latest trends. (Screenshot: SAP Milestones)

A living publication

SAP Milestones aspires to make the company’s innovations understandable and tangible to a broad cross-section of society. It is a living publication, which means that new elements such as stories, videos, and illustrations will be added regularly. In this way, an exciting overview of SAP’s past, present, and future will unfold over the entire year – and beyond. Customers, partners, SAP employees, and tech aficionados are therefore encouraged to check out SAP Milestones on a regular basis to see what’s new.

On tablets and smartphones, you can scroll through the articles with a simple swipe of the finger. (Screenshot: SAP Milestones)

Based on the programming languages HTML5 and CSS3, the magazine adapts to any device, whether PC, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. To enjoy all of the features, readers will need the latest browser version installed on their computers. For example, for Internet Explorer, readers will need to use version 9. It goes without saying that readers can easily share the stories with friends, family, and colleagues through their favorite social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. With videos and interactive graphics, SAP Milestones offers readers completely new possibilities to get to know SAP, as well as experience how the company developed from a five-man startup to a global player with 55,000 employees.

Share the stories, videos, and illustrations via email or over social media. (Screenshot: SAP Milestones)