An Eye for Quality at DynaSys

In fulfilling its mission to deliver seamless IT solutions that help businesses create exceptional value, Hong Kong-based DynaSys Solutions Limited gives premium importance to superior quality management in its customer projects. An SAP Gold Partner, as well as Education and Partner Center of Expertise Service Partner, DynaSys recently engaged with the SAP Partner Quality Hub – part of the SAP Partner Service Delivery service portfolio – to create a quality framework within its organization to ensure predictability in customer projects and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Through the SAP Partner Quality Hub, DynaSys joined SAP’s Active Quality Management (AQM) program, which gave it the tools and resources to drive its ongoing commitment to strict quality standards in its customer projects, as well as to further build on its knowledge of SAP project methodology. According to DynaSys Managing Director Ronnie Sung, DynaSys devoted a considerable amount of time to implementing the SAP AQM program standards across its organization.

That hard work paid off. As a result, DynaSys became the first certified SAP AQM partner in the Greater China region.

DynaSys has a long history of working closely with SAP to drive excellence in customer projects. In fact, all of its consultants are SAP certified to ensure that they have the key skills and experience to deliver SAP industry-leading solutions and services. The management team has more than 15 years of experience providing SAP solutions for businesses of all sizes in more than 11 industries. Sung credits the close relationship between SAP Partner Service Delivery and DynaSys as a key factor in the successful implementation of multiple SAP customer projects.

Ronnie Sung, Managing Director DynaSys Solutions Limited (Photo: DynaSys Solutions Limited )

Focus on quality

As part of the SAP Partner Quality Program, DynaSys meets with an SAP partner quality advisor four times annually to analyze projects and implementation issues. During these collaborative meetings, the two parties review project documentation and procedures, as well as exchange ideas and feedback to further improve the project successful rate and raise customer satisfaction.

Sung notes that perhaps the most helpful part of the AQM program is SAP’s comprehensive set of document templates; whereas, in the past it was always experienced consultants who developed their own template documents for customers. Now, through these standard document templates, says Sung, the DynaSys team can continuously adopt SAP proven best practices and improve the quality of its services to customers. Chi Wang, a partner quality advisor from the SAP Partner Quality Hub APJ, also notes the value of standardization as the foundation for good quality management. She says, “We are happy to see DynaSys standardized the project implementation procedure and its documents by using the templates from our partner kit to deliver value to its customers.”

Reports in 10 seconds

DynaSys’s first customer implementation using SAP’s AQM methodology was for Emperor Watch & Jewellery. Established in 1942, Emperor Watch & Jewellery is a cornerstone of the Hong Kong-based Emperor Group’s business. In its early days, the Group was mainly a retailer of clocks and watches. About 50 years ago, the Group started to sell fine jewellery products and later launched the design and manufacture of its own luxury line. Today, its retail stores cover Hong Kong, Macau and major cities in Mainland China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing.

Emperor Group aimed to re-engineer its workflow, especially in such areas as point of sales, merchandising, and financial information. By the fourth quarter of 2011, management challenged the IT department to provide quick responses to the market based on information contained within the company’s integrated database and centralized data.

Emperor’s management team focused on analysis of VIP customers and sales. They wanted the ability to make ad-hoc inquiries and generate online reports within 10 seconds.

A key factor behind Emperor’s choice of DynaSys was the intimate familiarity that DynaSys had with Emperor’s business and products. About two years ago, Emperor chose DynaSys to implement SAP ERP. At the time, Sung already saw the need to implement SAP Business Intelligence (BI) solutions as well. Emperor reached the same conclusion and engaged DynaSys to proceed with implementation.

After careful analysis, DynaSys recommended introducing BI in two phases, starting with Sales & VIP Analysis, followed by Inventory Analysis.

Mr Gary Choi, Chief Information Officer, Emperor Group (Photo: Emperor Group)

Delivering customer benefits

Emperor Group Chief Information Officer Gary Choi, who worked closely with DynaSys for the implementation, recognized that DynaSys produced quality work within a tight schedule.

Moreover, the DynaSys team was very responsive to the requests that Emperor made while implementation of the project was underway, Choi says.

Emperor chose DynaSys for the new project not just because of the excellent work they provided Emperor in the past, but also because of the strong post-implementation support on which DynaSys had established its reputation, according to Choi.

“With the BI implementation, the performance of DynaSys far exceeded our expectations,” Choi says. “The implementation of the blueprint was excellent from the start, and all testing proceeded well even though it is not easy to maintain a normal workflow with any new launch such as this one.”

For customer inquiries and quotes, there are always gray areas not foreseen in the planning stage, but DynaSys was able to tackle the changing expectations, according to Choi, who says he is happy with the work done by DynaSys. Emperor management is now able to generate reports within 10 seconds on sales analysis. DynaSys achieved a satisfaction level of about 80% for system performance, time certainty, and KPI, which Choi says is a very high score.

Continuing support

Following the implementation, Emperor understood that it’s impossible in every case to generate a report in 10 seconds. While inventory reports may take a few minutes, Emperor said that it is quite satisfied with the results.

“The DynaSys consultants are real professionals when it comes to implementing solutions from SAP,” Choi says. “They have a very up-to-date skill set and resources. DynaSys has the most experience in their business, especially for a company such as Emperor Watch and Jewellery with its unique business and products targeting the very high-end luxury market.”