New Wave of SAP HANA Apps

A big wave of SAP HANA apps deliver new business value to sales and marketing users in real time. (Screenshot: SAP)

The apps are divided up into four categories: next-generation planning applications, applications that empower sales and marketing users with real-time capabilities, applications that take advantage of “Big Data” in the banking industry and applications that drive greater visibility and stronger performance across the business network.

Individually under these categories, the apps are known as:

1. Next-generation planning applications

  • SAP Sales and Operations Planning: a cloud-based application designed to help companies become more demand-driven by enabling them to rapidly translate demand fluctuations into actionable plans for manufacturing, procurement and logistics.
  • SAP Cash Forecasting: an on-premise analytic application that provides companies with advanced capabilities for cash forecasting and analysis in a heterogeneous system landscape.
  • SAP Planning and Consolidation: helps organizations accelerate their planning processes, giving financial professionals more analytics power and smarter insights, as well as time savings.

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2. Applications that empower sales and marketing users with real-time capabilities

  • SAP Collections Insight: provides sales teams with the real-time customer insights they need to optimize their collections strategy and the collaborative tools to execute that strategy via an easy-to-use mobile or web application.
  • SAP Sales Pipeline Analysis: helps sales organizations get instant insights into massive volumes of pipeline data in the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application while performing on-the-fly calculations and in-depth analysis on any business dimension.

3. Taking advantage of “Big Data” in the banking industry

  • SAP Bank Analyzer rapid-deployment solution for financial reporting with SAP HANA: designed to help organizations quickly analyze large volumes of data, enabling them to automate lean banking processes and make decisions in near real time.
  • SAP Deposits Management rapid-deployment solution for transaction history analysis with SAP HANA: helps retail banks boost performance through improved transaction history analysis.

4. Drive greater visibility and stronger performance across the business network

  • SAP Supplier InfoNet: an information network that brings together the power of SAP HANA and the cloud to help companies gain real-time insights from ‘big data” and rapidly respond to changing conditions across their multi-tier supply networks.

Executive Board member Vishal Sikka, who presented the audience at SAPPHIRE NOW with many SAP HANA updates during his keynote, said of these applications: “SAP’s innovation continues with the delivery of these new applications that are simple to use, easy to implement and are built on an open real-time platform. They take advantage of detailed and fresh data, doing complex analysis on-the-fly to power interactive decision-making on mobile devices and in the cloud.”

More applications powered by SAP HANA are in the pipeline. will continue to provide updates as each new wave is released.