SAP HANA Essentials: New E-Book Released

When it comes to real-time results, SAP doesn’t just talk the talk. The software company has also chosen to publish its new e-book, “SAP HANA Essentials”, in real time. What does that mean exactly? The book, released on May 14, 2012, initially contains three chapters on SAP HANA, including SAP HANA Overview, SAP HANA Hardware, and SAP HANA Implementation Projects. More chapters will be added throughout the year.

“This new approach to publishing allows our team to update content frequently and add links to additional content, so that information is always up to date. With ‘SAP HANA Essentials’, we’re making the publishing and learning process faster, better and less expensive,” says Jeffrey Word, vice president, Database & Technology, SAP.

The book is available for download on a range of mobile devices, from iPads and iPhones to Kindles and Barnes&Noble Nooks. There is even a free copy to download for desktops.