SAP Offers Real-Time Insights to Police and First Responders

WALLDORF — SAP today announced the availability of the SAP Situation Awareness rapid-deployment solution for public sector with SAP HANA. Applying a combination of innovations, the new solution provides real-time situational awareness to operational public safety and security officials who are on the ground dealing with major incidents, serious crime and emergencies. SAP today also announced the availability of a new cloud-based quick start for rapid-deployment solutions. The service provides a solution that customers can try with their own data before going live.

When Seconds Saves Lives, Speed Matters
Police and first responders face significant challenges daily, and at any given time need to act decisively based on available information. By improving the available information with the SAP Situational Awareness rapid-deployment solution for public sector with SAP HANA, they can sense, predict and act in real time. SAP HANA is able to accommodate massive amounts of incoming public safety data and key events can be analyzed to better identity risks, threats and consequences. The SAP mobile platform delivers this information to police officers and first responders on the ground, helping them to better anticipate and respond to rapidly evolving situations on mobile devices.

SAP Rapid Deployment solutions offer customers out-of-the-box solutions and transparent costs. They consist of preconfigured software and fixed-scope implementation services. The solutions are designed for customers to go live in under 12 weeks, which helps lower the cost of implementation and speed time to value, while retaining the flexibility to extend the solution wherever needed.

“We’re giving heroes with smartphones more complete data at superhuman speed, and this has an impact on lives in a way that is very powerful,” said Steven Birdsall, senior vice president and general manager, SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions. “With more than 75 rapid-deployment solutions available, we are offering pre-assembled, easy-to-consume answers to real problems.”

New Cloud Service to Jump-Start SAP Rapid Deployment Solution Projects Now Available
To overcome hardware and infrastructure hurdles that often delay the start of projects, cloud-based quick start for rapid-deployment solutions allows customers to begin a project in the cloud with their own data. With this new service offering, projects can be accelerated before infrastructure and hardware investments have been made. Projects can be pre-assembled for evaluation and fine-tuning in the cloud. When the customer is ready, the project can be brought to the final production environment for a physical or virtualized on-premise set-up.

SAP today offers the jump-start cloud capability for 11 rapid-deployment solutions:

  • SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for manufacturing industries
  • SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for trading industries
  • SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for finance and controlling for subsidiaries
  • SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for sales, service, and marketing
  • SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution for mobile sales
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management rapid-deployment solution
  • SAP Transportation Management rapid-deployment solution for domestic freight tendering
  • SAP Transportation Management rapid-deployment solution for domestic transportation planning
  • SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for accelerated finance and controlling with SAP HANA
  • SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for operational reporting with SAP HANA
  • SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for profitability analysis with SAP HANA

“By using the cloud, we can provide customers with an end-to-end approach – showing them what the solution would look like with a demo using their own company data, using rapid prototyping to identify and validate the use case and leveraging the prototype to jump-start the project in the cloud,” said Eric Verniaut, senior vice president, head of Next-Generation Services, SAP. “We are bringing instant gratification with innovation – from the speed of data delivered by SAP HANA to the speed in which we can bring customers live.”

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