Cloud Forecast: 18 Plus

In its latest forecast of IT spending in 2012, Gartner has slightly improved its outlook for 2012 over last quarter’s predictions. Instead of an increase in spending of 2.5 percent, Gartner now expects 3 percent growth for 2012. Despite this adjustment, the growth rate is still well below 2011 numbers.

Feeling the financial crisis

For enterprise software, the outlook has taken a slight turn for the worse since Gartner announced its expectations last quarter. In April, Gartner was predicting 5 percent growth in this area for 2012. Now, it has reduced that number to only 4.3 percent. Spending for IT services, on the other hand, is on the rise. Here, an increase of one percentage point over last quarter’s figures to 2.3 percent, can be noted. Telecommunications is another area experiencing growth. Instead of only 2.2 percent, Gartner now predicts a 3 percent increase in spending.

One of the hottest areas for investment, according to Gartner, is public cloud services. In this area, analysts predict an average yearly growth of 18 percent through 2016 – much higher than the 4 percent increase in total IT spending that is expected for the same time period. Despite this rapid growth, a mere 5 percent of all IT spending will be allotted to the cloud.

Gartner releases its IT spending forecasts on a quarterly basis. The next one will come out in September.