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Thomas Pickel, Head of SAP Solutions at Fujitsu Technology Solutions

It might be tempting to think of corporate reorganizations and revised strategies as just a bit of managerial musical chairs, but in the case of Fujitsu’s recent changes to its corporate strategy, that would be a serious mistake.

At the 2011 Fujitsu Forum in Munich, Germany, the long-standing SAP partner announced plans to reshape its corporate strategy. The new approach is based on three pillars, and the third pillar holds particular significance for customers running SAP.

  1. Regional expansion in the emerging markets
  2. Operational excellence
  3. Strengthening the solution business to capture opportunities opened by new technologies and services

To carry out the third prong of its revised strategy, Fujitsu Technology Solutions has spent the last several months setting up a new, dedicated Solution Business Group. Effective since June 1, 2012, this organization now oversees the company’s entire solution business. This includes SAP Solutions, the biggest business unit within the Solution Business Group.

Fujitsu’s portfolio of SAP Solutions includes infrastructure-centric solutions like SAP HANA and FlexFrame for SAP, as well as Fujitsu’s end-to-end service offering, which covers IT infrastructure implementation, infrastructure consulting, IT operations und application consulting. Historically, the business ownership for these SAP-centric solution elements was distributed across various departments at Fujitsu. Now, they are bundled together in a unified business area.

Why is this change so significant for Fujitsu customers running SAP?

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“This approach allows us to better align our strategy with SAP and develop complementary solutions and services for the sake of our mutual customers,” explains Thomas Pickel, head of SAP Solutions at Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

“We’re able to act quickly on important innovations and developments in the SAP portfolio and create powerful end-to-end SAP solutions with quantified business value. For the customer, this means we can do a better job of helping you keep up with the SAP strategy and making sure you benefit quickly from business solutions based on the newest technology and services.”

In-memory technology is one key area where Fujitsu is helping SAP customers stay on the cutting edge of innovation at SAP.

 Strong commitment to SAP HANA

“We were involved with SAP HANA from the very beginning,” says Pickel. “It was during the initial engagements with the Hasso Plattner Institute that we saw the opportunity to bring technology and an innovative in-memory software platform together and combine them into a scalable in-memory appliance offering.”

Since then, Fujitsu has been able to deliver some industry firsts in the in-memory area. They are the first SAP HANA partner to offer a certified HANA multi-node scale-out infrastructure, and right now, they are the only SAP technology partner to offer a certified appliance for analytics powered by SAP HANA for SAP Business One. And it doesn’t stop there.

“We have an entire scalable appliance solution portfolio for customers of all sizes. That includes HANA SmartStart offerings based on SAP Rapid Deployment solutions. And we defined a visionary roadmap to combine HANA with our proven FlexFrame product. This will enable us to support customers in flexible and cost-efficient operations of their SAP landscapes and get them ready for cloud environments and the SAP real-time platform,” says Pickel.

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Not surprisingly, Pickel notes that Fujitsu’s number one priority currently is HANA and FlexFrame. This includes the associated full-service portfolio delivered by their service and support organization, TDS, and selected partners. Down the road, however, Fujitsu has plans for further innovations in mobility and in the cloud.

See “Good Things, Small Packages” for more information on Fujitsu’s appliance for SAP Business One.

New strategy benefits customers

Outside of innovation at SAP, there was another reason for Fujitsu Technology Solutions to develop a dedicated Solution Business Group: namely, the increasing convergence of technical and business solutions.

In a trend that can be seen across companies, technical decision-makers and business decision-makers are becoming one and the same, and the gap between a company’s technical strategy and its business strategy is rapidly closing. The creation of the Solution Business Group demonstrates a move away from a pure infrastructure-driven approach towards an end-to-end solution approach.

This move has allowed Fujitsu to improve not only its own business processes and speed-to-innovation, but also those of its customers. “Focusing on the customer benefits was an integral part of our approach,” says Pickel. Now that there is a dedicated business unit for SAP Solutions, customers and partners immediately benefit from fewer interfaces and points of contact.

In addition, customers can expect that every aspect of Fujitsu’s SAP Solutions, from the solution architecture to implementation services, is harmonized from the very beginning. This is speeding up every aspect of the business. Pickel notes, “Our teams are already more efficient and more powerful in their joint engagements with SAP in the market. That’s all due to this new integrated approach. And we expect even more innovation to come at SAPPHIRE EMEA and Fujitsu Forum this autumn.”