Gartner: Tablets Stay at Home

PC, smartphone or tablet: It’s a matter of convenience, according to the results of a recent Gartner survey taken in the USA, Great Britain, and Australia. Notable is that tablets are replacing more and more printed magazines, books, and newspapers. Fifty percent of tablet users flip through magazines on their device. In addition, every third tablet owner reads books on the device.

50% of users won’t let go of their tablet

The areas that prove to be most popular are: e-mail (81 percent), news (69 percent), weather report (63 percent), social media (62 percent), and games (62 percent). And when it comes to where people use the device. Well, there’s no place like home.  Of those surveyed, 87 percent of tablet owners prefer to use it in the living room, 65 percent in the bedroom, and 47 percent in the kitchen – rather than, say, at the airport, in the park, or elsewhere while on-the-go.

And even if the majority of those surveyed prefer to use their tablet under their own roof, it’s still unlikely that they’ll let the device out of their sight. About half of all tablet users let go of their device only reluctantly or not at all. The survey makes clear, however, that these rules do not apply to all mobile devices. Smartphones – as opposed to tablets – actually are used on the go. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed admitted to using the device outside of their own homes.