Partner Enablement One Click Away


Partners are leading the way. In a recent interview, Eric Duffaut, president of SAP Ecosystem & Channels, describes how the partner landscape at SAP has changed in recent years to give partners an increasingly vital role in how SAP reaches its market. In fact, SAP’s partners now account for more than 30% of its software revenues.

To better serve partners by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need for their customers, SAP Partner Service Delivery (PSD) has launched a new service portfolio along all market categories with an increased focus on developing and delivering enablement content that addresses all partner types.

“We strive to make each partner’s experience of working with SAP as productive and friendly as possible,” says Denis McGauran, vice president of SAP PSD. “Through remote, personalized delivery, we are building and delivering a range of enablement services that allow our partners to grow their businesses more quickly and effectively.”

Service that matters

The new service portfolio is part of a proactive shift at SAP PSD to offer more tailored services to partners, who now cover a much broader spectrum than they have in the past, when SAP’s ecosystem was characterized by mostly large players. In response to the recent changes in the partner landscape, SAP PSD is extending the reach and expertise of its services to emphasize customized service for partners, by offering

  •  A comprehensive enablement service portfolio that is easy to access through the Partner Enablement Center (PEC)
  • Dedicated Partner Services Advisors (PSAs) in regional service centers, who use their relationship with each partner to tailor appropriate enablement services
  • Operations and business support through Partner Business Services (PBS)

Hear what SAP partner MphasiS has to say about working with their dedicated PSA in the video below.

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SAP PSD has a new mission to make SAP partners run better by building and delivering a personalized range of value-added services that increase the partner’s knowledge, capabilities, and productivity. And, it has staffed up accordingly, with 160 employees across six locations globally to reach the more than 4,000 partners it services.

“With PBS today we already handle over 10,000 queries from partners on a monthly basis,” says Jan Patrzalek, head of the PSD Partner Business Services. “We are evolving our support for partners to ensure an even better partner interaction with SAP as we expand our partner network.”

McGauran says, “Our vision is that each partner will have a tailored, specialized enablement plan that seamlessly connects with their business plan, ensuring that the partner is engaging in relevant communication, information, and service consumption that generates growth in their business and will ensure their, and SAP’s, success.”

Partner Enablement Center

For partners eager to get started, the newly revamped SAP Partner Enablement Center (PEC) serves as their gateway to a vast and highly organized collection of enablement services that include e-learning sessions, recorded demos, documentation, and expertise.

In the new PEC, partners can

  • find expert sessions, demos, and helpful tools by filtering the content according to their needs
  • build a personal and role-based enablement library and share it easily with their colleagues
  • register for all the enablement events and e-learning online, including in-person classroom sessions and workshops
  • access up-to-date, end-to-end enablement packages, as well as sales and implementation assets

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“I am very excited about the new Q3 Partner Enablement Portfolio we have just launched,” says Frank Bunte, head of PSD Service Portfolio. “Our team acts as a funnel enabling partners along the partner lifecycle with strong focus on driving co-innovation, supporting demand generation, and building solution capabilities and capacity in implementation and support. Our ultimate goal is to support all SAP partners globally to grow their business and co-innovate with SAP to enhance the addressable market.”

This platform provides one-stop, centralized access to interactive, high-value enablement services in an effective and user-friendly way. It includes more than 500 up-to-date enablement sessions that explore specific topics and are offered on a one-to-many basis, as well as focus sessions that are highly tailored to address case-specific contexts and situations. The content covers solution adoption across SAP’s five markets – mobile, analytics, applications, cloud, and database and technology – as well as generic content that supports the partner in daily business.

Andreas Born, head of Business Development at PSD, says, “The PEC supports partners’ own and SAP-driven initiatives to get a partner from A to Z in the quickest timeframe. Today we have over 4,800 assets in the PEC, and in 2012 alone there were over 30,000 downloads, showcasing the PEC as the SAP partner enablement platform going forward.”

Your Gateway to SAP knowledge

The most effective way for SAP partners to engage further beyond the content of the PEC is through their personal SAP Partner Service Advisor (PSA), whose role it is to facilitate the knowledge transfer and manage the partner’s relationship with SAP. PSAs serve SAP PartnerEdge partners from five regional service centers located around the world in Canada, Brazil, Ireland, India, and China.

As an example of SAP’s more personalized approach to partner services, dedicated PSA’s are introduced by name during the on-boarding phase for new SAP partners. Through discussions with the partner, the PSA recommends the most relevant SAP services and creates a partner enablement plan that is specifically tailored for the partner and its needs.

Charandeep Singh Puri, a PSA who works with partners in the BeNeLux region, explains, “A PSA acts as a trusted advisor who complements the existing SAP resources and develops an individual service plan in alignment with SAP partner management to provide the technical enablement and operational support to partners in the PartnerEdge program.”

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Regarding language support, Singh Puri notes, “PSD interacts with more than 4,000 partners worldwide, so we definitely provide support in multiple languages, with PSAs speaking French, Hindi, English, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and so on. We have that whole range and variety of support being provided to partners, keeping their own original language in mind.”

Jay Du, a PSA who works with partners in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, describes the sense of personal responsibility he feels as a PSA, saying, “I think the PSA role is a highly responsible remote relationship-management role. I like the role because it is like a bridge between SAP and the partners – and we love our partners.”

Du says he feels well suited for the role, explaining that based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator he is an INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception) personality type – or “healer.” Accordingly, Du says, “I really enjoy one-on-one discussions with our partners and helping them get enabled to win bigger together with SAP.”

Working together for the benefit of all

In the video below, Neeraj Sripuram, associate vice president and SAP practice regional lead for MphasiS, provides feedback on the value of the PSA relationship in helping partners like MphasiS align with SAP. He specifically cites how their assigned PSA, Marc-André Rousseau, helped MphasiS to get up to speed on SAP Rapid Deployment solutions enablement by opening the door for MphasiS to deeper discussions with knowledgeable experts within SAP.

Rousseau, who has worked with MphasiS as their PSA since they joined the SAP PartnerEdge program over a year ago, says, “The optimal satisfaction working closely with a partner like MphasiS is imminent when the partner expresses some concrete benefits on its SAP business. Helping partners’ SAP practices grow to become more effective and efficient turns out to be a win-win situation for all parties.”

To get in touch with your PSA and learn about what else the new PSD Service Portfolio has to offer you, contact the SAP PartnerEdge Helpline.