WALLDORF — SAP partners Capgemini and CSC are reaping the benefits of the recently launched SAP Learning Hub. Available through the SAP Education organization, SAP Learning Hub further demonstrates the company’s commitment to the continuous evolution of its enablement programs tailored to meet the needs and demands of its partner ecosystem. It provides easy access to comprehensive and up-to-date learning content on a wide range of SAP solutions – anytime, anywhere – with significantly reduced enablement costs.

For consultants who work on SAP projects, SAP Learning Hub provides the latest learning content needed for implementing, supporting and working with SAP solutions. The hub offers on-demand and flexible learning options, such as self-study, physical or virtual workshops, as well as one-on-one knowledge-exchange sessions. It helps to maximize billable days and keeps training costs at a minimum. SAP partners Capgemini and CSC are both benefiting from the use of SAP Learning Hub, which keeps them current with the latest innovations from SAP.

“Capgemini believes that learning is transformative, which is the key reason why we decided to use SAP Learning Hub,” said Claudia Brack, global SAP community lead, Capgemini. “And with our own internal push towards virtual, constant and global learning, demonstrated by the launch of the Next Generation Learning concept of Our University, we saw the use of this site as a complementary fit. SAP Learning Hub dovetails well with our own efforts in making virtual learning as real as possible. It supports self study at a user’s own time and pace, according to his or her demands, as well as learning in groups via virtual or physical events. This is a very important method of learning for Capgemini – one we are promoting within our own organization and for our customers.”

“CSC chose the SAP Learning Hub to provide unlimited, on-demand access to SAP training – accessible from any location worldwide,” said Jeff Sagraves, vice president, Global Practice for SAP Solutions, CSC. “We have a global staff with a global client base. Our teams cannot always travel or take time away from the client to perform necessary training in the traditional classroom setting.  SAP Learning Hub gives us the flexibility to deliver up-to-date training to our staff without sacrificing client needs.”

SAP Learning Hub provides online, 24×7 access to the learning content of SAP Education. Essential reports on learning consumption and progress empower consulting managers to identify the most fitting consultants for projects. And because SAP Learning Hub is a hosted solution, partners do not have to handle IT, support or updates to the learning content. Partners may access continuously updated content libraries. These include participant handbooks from the global master curriculum, e-learning titles from the global master curriculum and online knowledge products from the ramp-up knowledge transfer program.

Since its inception, SAP Education has expanded its traditional classroom training business into virtual formats and e-learning formats. Today, the organization drives the development and delivery of attractive enablement packages for the SAP partner ecosystem, focusing on content, price and flexible consumption methods.

For more information, visit the SAP Learning Hub page on sap.com. To learn about SAP Education, watch a video and visit www.sap.com/education. For more information, visit the SAP Newsroom. Follow SAP on Twitter at @sapnews and @SAPEDU.

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