A Tiger for Quality

photo: istockphoto.com

With more than 10-years’ experience implementing SAP software, Hangzhou YIHE Electric Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. – or YIHE – pays careful attention to administrating and supervising quality standards in its customer projects. In October 2011, YIHE joined SAP’s Active Quality Management (AQM) program, available through the Partner Quality Hub within SAP Partner Service Delivery (PSD), to learn about SAP best practices for quality management in implementation projects.

As early as five years ago, YIHE had already started to adopt a multi-dimensional system of project management that encompassed the responsibilities of the project manager; project oversight by its project promotion department; quality assurance performed by the consulting director at each milestone; an overall assessment of IT architecture; and a customer satisfaction survey. With this system, YIHE has been able to create a complete project life-cycle management system that extends from business opportunity assessment to project initiation, blueprint design, system architecture, system implementation, integration testing, go-live and maintenance, and later optimization of projects.

Chunlan Feng, the Vice General Manager from YIHE  says, “Using this management system and related document templates, YIHE can guarantee project quality comprehensively, effectively predict and control project risks, and achieve high customer satisfaction.”

Multi-talented partner in China

YIHE, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China, is a leading management consulting enterprise that offers IT consulting, implementation services, and related services. As one of the earliest SAP consulting and implementation partners in China, the company serves a number of key industries and related sub-industries that cover power grids, power plants, trade, retail, and manufacturing (involving chemicals, machinery, electronics, automobiles, and pharmaceuticals).

YIHE has about 500 employees, including its many professional consultants and industry experts. Its clients are distributed throughout China and parts of Southeast Asia, and include large state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and listed enterprises, as well as some of global top-500 enterprises.

Raising the bar for quality

Recently SAP PSD has renewed its commitment to help SAP partners run better by delivering more targeted and personalized services, such as the Partner Quality Hub, that increase the partner’s knowledge, capabilities, and productivity. In working closely with the Partner Quality Hub, YIHE’s project team began to fully understand SAP’s 10 Quality Principles.

YIHE carried out special training based on SAP’s 10 Quality Principles for its project managers and consultants to enhance their awareness of project risk and quality. In addition, YIHE improved the process to strengthen risk management during the bid cycle for its presales management, and standardized processes for the development of customized programs and project delivery. Most importantly, YIHE clarified all responsibilities in the different process steps. For example, it updated the systematic administration and assessment of project opportunities –  a fundamental change that boosted the success rate of deals.

In the area of add-on program development, YIHE optimized the process of project demand analysis, design, realization, testing, and go-live by utilizing resources and administration in a manner that saves costs while ensuring the quality of development. In the area of risk management, it perfected its project risk early watch, controlling, and analysis – thereby, more effectively restricting the impact of project risks.

Additionally, YIHE optimized its ability to provide customers with enterprise support services according to SAP standards and requirements. In doing so, it made full use of industry-leading operating standards to offer customers consistent quality management services for all technologies throughout their SAP software environment, including meeting customer requirements for prompt responses to queries and using remote support services from the SAP Solution Manager to solve potential problems in advance.

In May 2012, SAP recognized YIHE’s commitment to quality management and project delivery excellence by awarding it the SAP AQM partner accreditation.

Long-term strategic cooperation with customers

YIHE’s dedicated pursuit of project quality has won praise from many of its customers, like China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Corporation, China Grain Logistics Corporation, Xianglu Tenglong Groups, SINOVEL, and Hebei Bank. They have given their approvals of YIHE’s project management and implementation skills verbally or in writing – creating a strong foundation for long-term strategic cooperation.

“YIHE is aware of that the extensive recognition and trust from our customers is our greatest honor, says Feng. “YIHE will continue adhering to customers as the center, providing customers with high-quality services as always, achieving more value in return with customers. Only customer satisfaction can best prove the success and fruitfulness of YIHE’s project quality management.