BSA: Emerging Markets More Cloud-Savvy

Emerging markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, or Argentina use cloud services much more extensively than countries in established markets, such as Germany. A survey conducted by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) among 15,000 computer users revealed that 50% of those questioned in emerging economies use cloud services – compared to only 33% in Germany.

Most popular: Webmail, office suites, picture services

E-mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail dominate. Seventy-eight percent of all respondents said they regularly use a cloud-based e-mail service. Also in hot demand are text processing services, at 45%, and picture services such as Flickr, at 40%. Online games came in fourth place at 38%, while cloud storage solutions lag behind at 29%.

The study refutes the common preconception that a spotty wideband connection to the Internet in the emerging economies stands in the way of using cloud services. In fact, these emerging markets are set to overtake mature markets in that regard: They jump directly to the latest technology, skipping all the steps in-between. Instead of installing huge software packages, they go right to the cloud.

Thirty-four percent of computer users in developing economies deploy fee-based services, which is roughly on par with mature economies. The main and biggest difference between the two markets is their use of text processing services (48% versus 35%) and online games (45% versus 28%).