Being There is Everything

Foto: istockphoto

“We’re not there yet, but we will move into the cloud. We’re just still figuring out when and in which areas,” responded an IT manager recently to the question of how his company is dealing with the cloud. If he had participated in the above-mentioned study, he would belong to the small minority of companies that apparently still need help when it comes to their cloud strategy. But that can’t really be the case, since this IT manager works for a large, global enterprise. He should really be well informed.

I just have to make a quick phone call

A separate studyby the Ponemon Institute quizzed over 4,000 executives on the most frequently cited concern in the area of cloud – security. What was the result? The survey respondents would rather not waste their time on the topic of security; they prefer to hand over the responsibility to their service providers. That’s a little like telling your 14-year-old son, “Why don’t you drive the car into the garage – I have to make a quick phone call.” It could work out fine, but it doesn’t have to. And at the end of the day, it is the father who carries the responsibility – or the CIO, who put the keys in the hand of his external service provider.

This careless shifting of responsibility shows that while CIOs are under pressure to implement cloud solutions, they themselves are not in the position to understand what risks the solutions contain. They’re simply trying it out, under the motto: It will work out somehow. Or even: I’m in the cloud, I’m state-of-the-art.