SAP Crystal Reports Go Mobile

A sheriff’s office in Alaska tracks endangered grizzly bears using the software. A bakery in Honduras manages product inventory with it. And a charitable arts organization in Canada makes fundraising forecasts more accurate thanks to it: SAP Crystal Solutions.

Twenty years ago, it was introduced as the first real-time report writing software. Today, it’s the industry standard for analytics that help businesses make informed decisions. The latest release of SAP Crystal Solutions brings real-time information to mobile devices, marking yet another step forward for this solution.

The making of an industry standard

Crystal Reports was originally targeted at developers, says Colin Gray, Director, Strategy and Planning, SAP Global Channel Marketing. “The only way customers could get information out of core transactional systems was to have their own developers write the code for reporting tools,” he explains. Report writing was a painstaking process and report generation was cumbersome at best.


The first release of Crystal Reports changed everything. Using drag and drop features, developers could quickly build reports their stakeholders needed in hours instead of days. They could embed reports in enterprise applications for easy, anytime access. Suddenly no one had to wait for the data they needed to do their jobs. Sales managers could track customer order information long before quarter’s end. HR could monitor employee turnover at any time. Manufacturing managers were able to track components from sourcing to shop floor – instantly.

One download every minute

The portfolio today consists of SAP Crystal Server, Dashboard Design and Reports. SAP calls it the broadest, most complete analytics solution set available in the market. Over 500,000 developers seem to agree. That’s how many people download SAP Crystal Reports annually –  approximately one download per minute.

Millions of people worldwide are using SAP Crystal solutions to extract information from just about any system in the company. And they’re doing so at all different types of organizations – from large enterprises to small and medium businesses. As  Steven Hagler, VP of Sales, Global Distribution, points out, “Customers can start with SAP Crystal Solutions and evolve incrementally as their business grows.”

Gray emphasizes the software’s usability and affordability. “Business users can slice and dice the information they need when they need it. System overload is never an issue as everyone finds the answers they need fast, whether conducting ad hoc queries from multiple databases, exporting content, or sharing reports.”

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The self-service design gives not only employees, but also partners and customers fast access to the data they need to get their jobs done right. It’s easy to search across numerous dimensions to explore ‘what if’ scenarios. Colorful visual displays help users detect potential risks, stay on budget, and pursue opportunities they might not have discovered before.

Any way the customer wants

The latest release brings this data to mobile devices, completely untethering the business. This means a sale rep can call up buying history and see current orders anywhere and at any time – while sitting with the customer, for example. He can tell the customer what products are in stock and when they’ll ship. No time-consuming report design needed ; he can custom tailor the best offer on the fly.  In the end, this makes for a more satisfied customer along with faster revenue generation for the company.

SAP Crystal Solutions are available to people any way they’d like to purchase them. Customers who have relationships with a trusted reseller can rely on the provider of their choice worldwide. Customers can also purchase SAP Crystal Solutions from SAP’s estore with the swipe of a credit card. In some cases, says Gray, companies can be up and running with SAP Crystal Reports in as fast as 24 hours.

Information makes a strategic business difference

With data exploding at unprecedented rates, businesses have to act fast to identify and make use of valuable insights. Thanks to SAP Crystal Solutions, they can. The solution set ensures that information is no longer controlled by a designated few, but rather available to everyone who needs to know the latest business data. Whether they’re tracking bears, baked goods, or donations.