Celebrate Your Success

Photo: fotolia.com

Organizations invest a lot of time and effort in implementing SAP and are often quick to move on to the next strategic initiative. However, celebrating a successful outcome of an SAP implementation that increases productivity, fundamentally changes how an organization serves its customers, or improves a company’s ability to tackle the future should not be underestimated.

With the SAP Quality Awards, SAP provides a great opportunity for customers to get some well-deserved recognition for their achievements, which also drives motivation for employees to embrace new business processes, energizes organizational change management, and gives momentum to new initiatives. By responding to 15 questions about how the implementation was planned and executed around the 10 SAP Quality Principles, SAP customers can nominate their project for an award at a local level and possibly win regional recognition. Submission deadline is September 14, so look into the details for eligibility, benefits, and evaluation criteria on www.sap.com/qualityawards2012 today!

Some of the winners from last year's Quality Awards Ceremony at SAPPHIRE NOW (Photo: SAP)