7 Add-Ons for SAP Solution Manager

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The new solution is largely made up of functions for document lifecycle management. These include the mapping of business processes and associated documentation. Documents often have to be signed or released electronically. SAP Solution Manager supplies secure, digital signatures for just this purpose, and supports these processes with basic functions. But companies often need more flexibility when implementing digital signatures. In this case, they can turn to add-ons from Realtech that meet strict statutory requirements concerning the documentation and approval of processes.

Seven New Add-Ons

Here is an overview of the “digital signatures” add-ons developed for SAP Solution Manager:

1. Multiple signatures
2. Dynamic four-eyes-principle
3. Mapping of the process structure
4. Workflow
5. Notification by e-mail when signatures are required
6. Versioning of documents
7. Compliance with U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations

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The multiple signatures feature allows a single SAP user who has multiple roles to execute different signatures during the signing process. The dynamic four-eyes-principle  sets up individually configurable security levels and enables flexible management of authorizations. Meanwhile, companies can also map their process structure and its relationship to the standard SAP organization model. This mapping clearly defines who has to provide a signature.The option of using business workflows to control an application gives users more flexibility, and an automatic e-mail notification ensures maximum process security by informing the relevant employees when their signature is required.

In addition, versioning is now possible: Every document receives a new version number following each signature, and again when it is archived. The “old” document is saved as a predecessor and numbered accordingly. At the same time, the solution creates an auditable structure of the archiving. This is particularly interesting for companies in the pharmaceutical industry that have to comply with FDA regulations. The signature strategy can be designed to meet U.S. FDA regulation 21, CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) part 11, which governs the handling of electronic records and digital signatures.

Added Value: Flexible and Secure

These enhancements to SAP Solution Manager provide companies with customizing transactions that can be tailored to their employees’ individual needs. Digital processing is replacing outdated methods. It speeds up processes and increases security. Plus, companies can use a unique authorization concept and their own authorization objects to make the solution more comfortable for their users and thus improve user satisfaction.

Workshops Available

Workshops have been set up for you to discover what’s new in SAP Solution Manager. The one- and two-day training courses explain the basics and provide valuable tips and tricks for a smooth upgrade. For more information about the different workshops and for further documentation such as white papers, see: www.realtech.de/sap-solution-manager.