Improving Student Services

SAP plans to enhance its solution roadmap for Education & Research with the focus on its SAP Student Lifecycle Management application and a special focus on the German Education market.

The next generation solution will enable schools, colleges, and universities to improve student services, make education more accessible, and improve overall management of their institution.

What is SAP Student Lifecycle Management?

SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) is an application designed to manage the “lifecycle” of university students from their initial admission through their academic performance to their alumnus relationship with their college or university. It supports all core processes regarding academic performance such as setting up the academic structure including rules and regulations of programs of study, planning events and exams, follow up on student’s progression and advising the student planning the upcoming academic periods until student is ready to graduate. Graduation process is fully supported and easy to prove if a student has fulfilled needed requirements.

Read on the next page: What´s planned for the future SAP Student Lifecycle Management is currently in use by around 100 universities around the world among SAP’s 3,500 university customers (for links to case studies see below). The solution is fully integrated with the SAP Business Suite and supports SAP’s new generation of applications and solutions for business analytics, mobile applications and mobile device management.

What’s planned for the future?

SAP plans innovations to further enhance SAP Student Lifecycle Management, and to extend its integration into new SAP technologies. Initial focus areas for new functionality will be of particular value to universities in Germany, most of which run SAP applications today, and will serve to tailor the product to German market requirements. These developments will increase support for the fulfillment of German legal requirements, including the collection of university statistics and interfaces to both “Hochschulstart” and “Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren”, important tools in the centralized German admission process.

Additional support for core processes such as Student Registration, Student Billing, Academic Advising and the seamless integration of Learning Management will be of much wider value, especially as more countries move to a new modern Learning Management structure in Higher Education.

The next generation of SLCM is set to enable universities to create closer relationships with their students, more closely manage student progress, provide better student services, and retain students not only in the short term but as lifelong learners. SAP’s goal is to help universities worldwide to become best run in every area of operations – an investment in the development of the future information society workforce around the globe.


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