Amazon Kindle Leaves iPad in the Dust

Photo: Fotolia

On the whole, e-book readers are losing steam, but  Amazon is still leaving Apple in its dust. This was the finding of a study conducted by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG). The study targeted book readers in the U.S. who had purchased an e-book or e-book reader in the past 18 months. It found that the share of Kindle owners jumped from 7 to 20 percent within the last year, while iPad owners remained the same – at 17 percent.

Readers just aren’t the monogamous type

The study also found that, when it comes to the medium – e-book reader or hard copy – readers simply aren’t the monogamous type. Last year, 70 percent of participants reported either exclusively or mostly reading (and buying) digital books. This year the number went down to 60 percent. The missing 10 percent are picking up actual paperbacks again.

Still, in the e-book reader arena, Amazon comes out ahead of Apple. And this could have a significant influence on future book purchases: studies show they are heavily dependent on the device.