Apps Secretly Sending Pricey Texts

Photo: istockphoto

Smartphones that run Google’s Android operating system are increasingly becoming targets for malware. The harmful software gains access to devices via adware or trojans and starts wreaking havoc for users – sending expensive premium text messages is just one example of the potential damages. This is what Bitdefender, a manufacturer of Internet security software, has found.

In their study, two areas were examined: adware and trojans. Adware delivers unsolicited advertisements to phones, normally in the form of pop-ups. A trojan is a type of malware that embeds itself in a device and creates harm from within.

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Among the main malware dangers: trojans that send expensive, fee-based text messages. Just over 12% of the total afftected devices were plagued by this type of trojan. The malware is installed without the user’s knowledge – usually because it is hiding in a seemingly useful app that the user downloads. Once the trojan has been downloaded, it makes itself at home in the device.

At 8.4%, the infection rate is highest in India. The U.S. and Romania take second place, with 6.7% and 6.69% respectively. Germany comes in sixth, with a 4.3% infection rate.