Cloud – From Zero to Hero


In 2011, only every fourth expert in IT considered it to be of value. Today, a world without it seems impossible: the cloud. This is the result of the survey “CIO Barometer 2012”, which was performed for the fourth time by CSC, an IT company based in the United States. 332 CIOs, IT directors and IT managers from companies in Europe and the USA were surveyed.

The leading cloud advocators are located in the U.S.A., where 81 percent of participants deem it to be the most important topic. In Europe, only 60 percent said the same. The significance of cloud computing has changed drastically: IT specialists no longer regard the cloud as a means of outsourcing, but increasingly as a source of new solutions for information technology. Next to cloud projects, their focus lies on acceleration of innovation processes (60 percent), business change and development processes (60 percent), and involvement in the strategic concept of the company (59 percent).

Cloud increases security

Managed security solutions in the cloud are a good example of how cloud computing paves new ways to deal with future challenges in the IT departments,” says Gerhard Fercho, Chairman of the Board of CSC in Germany. “Considering the increasing amount of internet crime, cloud experts are working closely together with scientists, in order to develop the best possible security standards. With this in mind, CSC has, for example, opened a new Cybersecurity Demonstration Center in Berlin this year. Together with the Frauenhofer Institute and other partners, cloud solutions are being developed which enable a new level of security. The combined commitment of research offers added value for IT departments in companies,” says Fercho.

About CSC

CSC is a provider of IT business solutions and services based in Falls Church, Virginia. With around 96,000 employees, the company obtained a turnover of 15.8 billion USD in the twelve months up to the 29th of June 2012. For further information, visit the company’s website at