Next Wave of SAP Sales OnDemand Solution Advances Social, Mobile and Insightful Selling


WALLDORF — SAP today announced the latest innovations for salespeople looking to sell more effectively and collaboratively while on the move. Through the new SAP Customer Insight mobile app, the SAP Sales OnDemand solution now offers relevant and in-context sales intelligence visualized in an easy-to-use ’sales cockpit’. The interface presents everything sales management and sales professionals need on the road, all wrapped up in a beautiful new design.

“We chose to switch to SAP Sales OnDemand not only because our people loved the cool new mobile sales ‘cockpit,’ but also because of its deep integration with SAP ERP,” said Rogerio da Costa Silva, commercial manager, Carbocloro. “Thanks to the end-to-end design of the solution, processes are seamless, so our sales force can access all relevant information directly on site with the customer.”

New sales intelligence functionality allows salespeople to go beyond today’s social selling. Sales professionals can tap into relevant customer information and identify buying patterns to deliver the right impact in every conversation with a customer, ultimately accelerating sales cycles. The solution provides the latest online customer and competitive intelligence, targeted contacts, guided selling materials and a 360-degree customer view. Built-in features include easy access to upcoming activities and appointments; key customer information, such as pricing, quotes and orders from back-office systems; real-time news feeds; and key contacts and deals. Integration with the social software solution from SAP, SuccessFactors Jam, enables sales teams to collaborate in real time around sales proposals, engage customers directly for requirements collection or enable post-sales follow up.

“SAP understands end-to-end sales requirements and the real challenges salespeople face,” said Rolf Schumann, general manager, Rieber. “SAP Sales OnDemand provides us with fresh, modern applications our salespeople love to use and enables us to engage with customers and the relevant ecosystem. It helps us stand out from the competition by making each customer engagement more meaningful. As a result, our sales force spends more time in front of customers and is always ready to serve them effectively.”

SAP Sales OnDemand leverages the company’s social software strategy, highlighting the delivery of social and collaborative capabilities directly where people work in their applications and processes. SAP provides the support customers demand in mixed cloud and on-premise environments. With the hybrid approach of SAP Sales OnDemand, enterprises of all sizes can further extend their investment in existing SAP ERP and SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) applications while providing salespeople with the right solution for their specific selling needs. Seamless, cost-effective integration with back-office customer and transactional data gives salespeople the real-time pricing, quote and delivery information they need. And it comes at a fraction of the cost and without the complexity that comes with other cloud-based CRM applications.

As part of the growing SAP cloud solution portfolio for sales, service and marketing, SAP Sales OnDemand is updated on a quarterly basis with new innovations, features and extensibility capabilities, and with open APIs. It brings a new approach that goes beyond existing cloud-based CRM solutions and the flexibility and personalization that sales organizations demand.

To learn more, register for a webcast being held October 3, 2012: “5 Secrets to Sales Success That All Top Performers Know.” For more information, visit http://sales.ondemand.com and the SAP Newsroom. Follow SAP on Twitter at @sapnews and @SAPCloud.

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