Powerful and Simple SAP Mobile Apps Deliver Real-Time Critical Information to Financial and Compliance Managers to Avoid Budget and Compliance Issues

CHICAGO — Companies are increasingly shifting from desktops to mobile devices to provide employees quick and less expensive access to the information critical to running their business. SAP has again risen to the challenge by today announcing the availability of the SAP RealSpend and SAP Sanctioned-Party List mobile apps. The announcement was made at the CFO Dimensions Conference, being held September 18 in Chicago.

Keeping an eye on budget is a key concern from the office of the chief financial officer to the line-of-business manager. On the road and away from the office, managers can find themselves unable to easily access spend information. They then need to rely on others to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate in order to avoid being surprised by expenses or budget shortfalls. A lack of real-time information can prevent managers from making split-second decisions with confidence.

SAP RealSpend delivers real-time budget and spend information anywhere, anytime via a self-service mobile app that is powerful and simple to use. It delivers meaningful, actionable insights into spend data, which helps managers manage budget more effectively, spend strategically and identify expense issues quickly. Managers can:

  • Connect with employees to resolve spending issues, review and approve project requests and request follow-up information on proposals.
  • Analyze and benchmark detailed spending data by department, project or expense type over any time period.
  • Receive alerts to identify spending issues and communicate quickly with team members to resolve them

SAP Sanctioned-Party List is designed to provide compliance managers instant mobile access to details of high-priority compliance exceptions. The mobile app provides on-the-go access to details of high-priority compliance exceptions, in order to allow compliance managers to remediate these issues and prevent business impact anytime, anywhere. It also extends sanctioned-party list beyond the desktop to security guards and visitor sign-in kiosks.

Both mobile apps are available for download to iOS devices. To learn more, register for the webcast: “Best Practices for Mobilizing Finance with SAP and Deloitte,” being held October 3, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

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