SAP Mobility Design Center Opens in Palo Alto

At the opening of the SAP Mobility Design Center in Palo Alto, California (Photo: SAP)

On September 19, the SAP Mobility Design Center opened its doors in Palo Alto, California. At the Center, SAP will work alongside customers to quickly conceptualize, design, and build custom mobile solutions.

The Center is staffed with designers, architects, and developers who use design thinking principles to guide the development process. Extensive end-user validation ensures the mobile solutions developed at the Center are easy-to-use and consumer-grade. New solutions are built in accordance with guidelines based on the Sybase Unwired Platform, ensuring they have the same level of quality, scalability, and security as SAP’s mainstream offerings.

“This design center embodies the spirit of the new SAP – where, together with our customers, we will dream it, say it, and do it,” says Geraldine McBride, president, SAP North America. “We are in the midst of a revolution, and the days of taking weeks and months to deliver innovation are gone – our customers want and demand things done in hours and days. The new unwired reality is here, and the center is how we will make SAP not only pervasive, but ubiquitous.”

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