Top 5 Apps for the Cloud

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How can you work even more effectively in the cloud? We present five useful apps that will make your workday easier. Whether it is to stay on top of the latest changes in a project or to simplify data entry, these mobile tools let you do your work from anywhere.

1. Postal Validation Real-Time

2. SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet

3. Touchdocs

4. SharePoint Plus Office Mobile Client

5.  SAP Accounting Doc Approver

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Postal Validation Real-Time – from Uniserv

Uniserv GmbH delivers practical and handy support for entering data in SAP’s Business ByDesign solution. Their app, Postal Validation Real-Time, helps users avoid mistakes when entering addresses and customer contact information.

The app runs on every platform that SAP Business ByDesign supports. Once it is downloaded and activated via Uniserv’s on-demand portal (a one-time registration at is required), Postal Validation Real-Time connects with the SAP Business ByDesign system and continuously supports the data entry process. This occurs wherever there is a field where the system allows the entry of contact information, whether in customer relationship management, marketing, or personnel management. The Web service can also be integrated into the input screen by link.

If Postal Validation Real-Time is used, the service will verify – via the Uniserv server – whether the given data is consistent. Specifically, it will check whether the contact really exists and deliver suggestions for improvement if necessary. The app itself is free. Uniserv has a price list that is set up according to the number of validations that are executed.

Platforms: every platform that SAP BusinessByDesign FP3.0 supports

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SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet – from SAP

Some colleagues might say that SAP’s free app for iPhone and iPad, SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet, helps you to sort the wheat from the chaff. The program informs users about the financial situation of their own customer base and shows all current and pending projects. The iPad version even supports teamwork between colleagues. Once the IT department sets up the app with SAP’s Mobile Services, it will work with every ERP system from SAP.

What can you do with the app? Enter financial details quickly and intuitively for every customer. With this information, the app can calculate the total amount of pending or overdue invoices, so you can sort customers according to their financial solvency. It is possible to enter credit information, as well as all invoices and reminders that are sent as PDFs. You can integrate these documents directly in an e-mail. For every customer, it is also possible to add Office documents and individual notes.

If the app is used on the iPad, users can collaborate with colleagues in the respective SAP system. The program displays all open, critical, or suspended customer orders and allows you to enter dispute details for invoices and related promisory notes. These are then shared with the SAP ERP system.

Platforms: iPad/iPhone (IOS 5 or higher)

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Touchdocs – from Tabuki Vision

For fans of Google Docs, the app from Tabuki Vision, Touchdocs, is a good addition. This app for iPhone and iPad helps users manage Google’s Web-based office applications on their Apple devices. Those who have a Google Docs account, usually save their documents directly in the Google program, which lets users create and edit documents online. In addition to the word processing program, Google also provides a spreadsheet tool (both of these are compatible with Microsoft Office), and it lets users store and view other Office files, such as PDFs.

If you want to use Google Docs on the iPad or iPhone, however, you have to carry out these processes in a mobile browser. This is where Touchdocs comes in. Users are asked to log in to their Google account, where all Docs are automatically displayed and – if they have an Internet connection – can be edited and organized directly in the app. Useful functions include exporting to e-mail, transferring to other apps, file management, and search. Customizable settings, for uploading files and synchronizing with the Web, are also practical. Offline editing  isn’t possible in the app; for this, the files first have to be exported. The app costs 2.99 euros.

Platforms: iPad/iPhone (IOS 5 or higher)

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SharePoint Plus Office Mobile Client

The software company Southlab provides SharePoint Plus Office Mobile Client, a popular app for the mobile use of SharePoint, Microsoft’s collaboration software, and Office 365.  The app allows users to manage, share, edit, and export documents created in their company’s SharePoint account from their mobile device.

With this, Microsoft SharePoint becomes accessible from anywhere – thanks to the app that is available for iPhone/iPad and for Android-based devices. According to the manufacturer, all formats that are on the SharePoint server are included and accessible in the app, whether that is a traditional Office document or a special format.

The synchronization possibilities for documents, calendar entries, and tasks are especially practical on a mobile device. These even work offline if desired: all changes made locally on teh device are logged and automatically aligned with the server the next time the user goes online. Exporting and importing data is also possible. The app is compatible with all programs that support the “open in” funtion. SharePlus is compatible with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, SharePoint 2007 and 2010, and the enterprise Web service Office 365. The app costs 16 euros for the iPad version.

Platforms: iPad/iPhone (IOS 5 or higher) & Android

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SAP Accounting Doc Approver  from SAP

SAP has introduced a new, promising-sounding app: the Accounting Doc Approver. This program makes it possible to look over documents from colleagues in the connected SAP system and approve them while on the go. It is possible to approve and reject requests and add comments for individual documents as well as entire bundles of data.

SAP emphasizes that although the app can already be used, it is still in a development stage. Data formats for accounting are already included; the range of functions should increase. The app is only available in English, but other languages will likely be available soon.

Platforms: iPad/iPhone (IOS 5 or higher)

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