New Professional Services from SAP to Help Customers Identify and Drive Continuous Business Innovation


WALLDORF — SAP today announced an innovation stewardship service for next-generation businesses to help customers identify business cases and explore innovations from SAP in a specific, strategic fashion. The company also announced new lifecycle management services for IT operational efficiency, a complementary offering that helps companies ready their IT infrastructure to gain advantages from SAP innovations. Taken together, the new offerings address both strategic business process aspects and the underlying IT infrastructure to provide a clear, end-to-end approach for customers to apply toward realizing their IT business strategy.

Innovation stewardship for next-generation businesses provides a strategic approach and secure environment for customers to explore and identify innovation value for their business, prioritizing potential and safely implementing innovation projects. The service designs an innovation highway for each customer, which includes a management framework analysis and design thinking-based workshops to develop a strategic innovation road map. Customers can choose from among a number of high-value services and workshops such as pre-defined assessment of the SAP HANA platform or the “Mobile Discovery Workshop.” The features allow customers to identify, define, prototype and realize for impactful business gains. An “Innovation Steward” from SAP serves as a single point of contact, providing personal guidance for all innovation-related topics as part of the engagement.

Lifecycle management services for IT operational efficiency enable customers to strategically and operationally apply continuous innovations, helping to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in support of landscape readiness. The services help establish sustainable IT agility for future projects. Addressing IT readiness, the services are a foundation for sustainable innovation — for both customers that have mature systems with a lot of variance accrued over time as well as those with new systems seeking to institute a sustainable way to apply innovation in the most cost-effective and impactful fashion. The new offering provides a framework for fast adoption of an identified innovative technology, such as mobile capabilities, to support strategic corporate goals. It includes enablement workshops leading directly to a business case with committed key performance indicator (KPI) improvements demonstrating reduced TCO — freeing resources, employees and budget that can be applied toward additional innovations. Furthermore, an advisor acts as the single point of contact for the customer and helps ensure a successful implementation by monitoring and measuring against the KPIs of the business case.


“Customers want new, breakthrough, disruptive technology — we see that with how quickly SAP HANA has taken off,” said Eric Verniaut, global head Next-Generation Services, SAP. “These new services are designed to address the strategic planning for business and operational readiness of IT.  We’re addressing an essential issue companies face with planning and executing.”

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