Quality from Canada

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The AQM partner quality program, available through the SAP Partner Service Delivery – Partner Quality Hub, offers partners a way of standing out from the competition by showing that they have the knowledge and ability to drive success in their upcoming IT projects. This is achieved by providing participating partners with tools and templates to help set up a quality management system in their organization to maximize benefits while avoiding potential risks in customer projects. The benefits of the program can be measured by the progress partners make in terms of new deals and increased customer satisfaction.

“We think this (AQM accreditation) will help with our sales,” says Guillaume Bédard, vice president of professional services at agileDSS. “The program adds extra value for the clients, strengthens the relationship with SAP and differentiates us from our competitors. An indicator for quality increases the success of projects and draws in more customers, which, in return, increases our business.”

Quality’s side effect is success

Initiated in 2010 as part of the SAP Partner Service Delivery portfolio of services, the AQM partner quality program aims is to ensure the success of SAP partners by providing more predicted, profitable implementations through unified quality standards and procedures. The additional supplied resources such as the AQM Partner Kit and partner quality advisors round off the support and help improve customer satisfaction and maximize success. However, quality is not a virtue that is easily acquired – it takes commitment and, most importantly, it needs to be verified. Consequently, those who have their eye on AQM accreditation are subject to rigid quality standard checks. Global accreditation is given for the active management of sales processes and delivery methodologies based on the fulfillment of an annual quality plan and quarterly quality reviews. 

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Workflow agility 

Founded in 2004, the Canadian business situated in Montreal already reached a significant milestone in 2010, when it was named SAP BusinessObjects Partner of the Year. The company attributes this success to its agile project methodology and use of its software agileWORKFLOW for QA testing. The program provides a visual configuration interface and the ability to interconnect natively with business intelligence applications. Additionally, it enables real-time evaluation of events and can trigger tasks based on events, thus supporting any kind of workflow.

By receiving AQM accreditation, agileDSS has now also underlined its quality liability. “agileDSS’ approach that they follow is well established and meticulous. The flexible nature of SAP’s ‘Active Quality Management Program’ helped guide their team through the program with ease, adding value by formalizing documentation while monitoring over 40 successful projects,” says Ian McWalter, the SAP partner service advisor from the Partner Quality Hub who supported agileDSS during the accreditation process. “The Partner Quality Hub would like to congratulate Guillaume, Molivann and all the team at agileDSS who have shown their commitment to quality.”