SAP Ranked as Most Sustainable Software Company

For the sixth-consecutive year, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) named SAP as the software-sector leader in both its DJSI World and DJSI Europe sustainability rankings. The indexes measure long-term shareholder value derived by embracing opportunities and managing risks in the three dimensions of corporate sustainability: economic, environmental, and social. SAP achieved a total score of 84 percent, increasing its scores across all three areas compared with its 2011 results.

To be considered for the DJSI, companies must complete an 80-page survey and answer questions on all aspects of its corporate operations. SAP uses its own sustainability software to collect relevant data on corporate governance; innovation; brand management; energy and water consumption.

“Leading the software category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes is a tremendous validation for our holistic approach toward a more sustainable corporate strategy,” said Peter Graf, SAP chief sustainability officer. “It sends a strong signal to investors, customers, partners, and the public that SAP is successfully helping to make the world run better and improve people’s lives.”

SAP also had sector-leading scores in 12 of the 21 categories within the three dimensions, including  supply chain management and IT security (economic), corporate citizenship and philanthropy  (social), and environmental policy and management system (environmental).

For more information on SAP’s sustainability mission and achievements, visit the 2011 SAP Sustainability Report