2013: More Than 1 Billion Smart Devices

In most companies, smartphones and tablets haven’t completely replaced PCs, say the experts. But in the coming year, around 70% of all purchased devices will be smart devices. Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner, ascribes this trend to employee preferences. They’re accelerating the adoption of smartphones and tablets more so than management, she says. Consumer trends are simply taking IT along for the ride.

2016: More than 40% of employees will work on the go

Looking ahead to the coming years, Gartner expects mobile employees, working either at home or on the go, to comprise around 40% of the total workforce. Two thirds of them will be available via smartphone. Analysts expect 53 million tablets to be sold in 2016.  Comparatively, around 13 million tablets will be sold in 2012. These numbers refer to purchases made by companies, not by private users.

Finally, the analysts at Gartner assign CIOs the task of realizing consumer trends in enterprise IT departments. It is their job to manage the diversity of devices and to ensure IT security. To do so, companies need a multi-device strategy and should develop a rich portfolio of applications, says Milanesi. The analyst’s conclusion? It is the employees who are determining what business IT and the supplier market look like today.