3D Kinect-based Solution Wins Demo Jam

This year's finalists of the Demo Jam in Madrid. (Picture: SAP)

A six-minute time limit that leaves little room for hesitation and live presentations that never seem to go as smoothly as they did in rehearsals: SAP TechEd Demo Jams aren’t for the faint of heart. Still, hundreds of SAP partners and customers submitted their ideas for innovative solutions based on SAP technology. Only seven made it to the final round on the stage in Madrid, where participants gave everything they had, including costumes, props, and on-stage personas. After all, the teams weren’t only competing for the honor and glory of the Demo Jam glass cup, but also the possibility of seeing their solution show up in SAP’s product portfolio.

Flash wins over function

At the end of the evening it came down to two teams. ABAP experts Gregor Wolf, from Computerservice Wolf, and Abdulbasit Gülşen, from Detaysoft, were hoping their “SAPlink Plug-In for ABAP Eclipse” would appeal to the IT-heavy crowd. But it was Will Powell and Nic Doodson from SAP partner Keytree with “CEO Visions”, a 3D Kinect-based reporting solution, who pulled through with the win. The solution allows managers to interact with reports using 3D glasses and the tiniest of gestures. Pinches and and points of the finger call up contacts and charts and zoom in on maps. Technology for facial-recognition is also included to help managers connect faces with sales figures and email history. The team from Keytree also took first place at Demo Jam in Las Vegas with their 3D shopping experience solution.