4.4 Million Jobs in Big Data

According to Peter Sondergaard, SVP, Head of Research at Gartner, Inc., more than four million new jobs will be created in the next three years due to Big Data alone. Businesses want to put their enterprise data to better use, but they need employees with Big Data expertise to do so. To manage these huge volumes of data, experts must not only know how to use the right analytic tools, but also be able to judge the relevance of the data. Gartner sees this as one of the most important growth markets in the IT industry today.

Worker shortage: Only 1/3 have the required expertise

In this intersection of both business and IT expertise, 4.4 million new jobs will be created, says Sondergaard. 1.9 million of these positions will be in the U.S. In addition, for every new position in the area of Big Data, up to three more are expected to be created in other areas. That totals up to six million potential jobs in the U.S.  and spells bad news for companies, says Gartner. Qualified experts will only be able to fill one third of the positions. Sondergaard predicts strong competition for the top workers in this area. The education system will have some catching up to do.

Recently, IDC examined the areas where companies face the biggest challenges in Big Data. A study of the German market revealed that companies see data security as their biggest obstacle (46%), followed by data storage (43%), and cost (39%).

In the meantime, data volumes are continuously increasing. Three out of every four IT professionals surveyed expect an increase of 25% per year over the next two years.