Android on the Rise, Thanks to Device Diversity


Android, the mobile operating system from Google, will have taken over Microsoft Windows to become the most widespread operating system by 2016. The market researchers at Gartner reached this finding in a recent study.

Today, Microsoft clearly leads the market: the operating system out of Redmond is currently installed on 1.5 billion devices. Android is a distant second in comparison, running on only 608 million devices. One can’t forget, however, that these numbers include every kind of device, and that Microsoft runs mostly on PCs.

Could Windows 8 save the day for Microsoft?

So far, Microsoft hasn’t been able to translate its success in the PC sector to the high-growth mobile market. And it’s against this backdrop that Gartner expects to see some changes in the lineup of operating system providers. The percentage of PCs on the market will decrease; smartphones and tablets will become more important. It is exactly in this segment that Microsoft lacks strength.

So even though Microsoft’s market share is expected to increase to 2.28 billion devices by 2016, it’s won’t be enough to beat out Android, which should reach 2.3 billion installations.

Rescue for Microsoft could come in the form of Windows 8. Analysts from Forrester predict success for the new operating system, at least in the tablet market. See “Forrester: Top Marks for Windows 8”.