Ariba Integrates Mobile, In-Memory Technology

For over 15 years, hundreds of thousands of companies have been buying and selling goods and services over Ariba’s Collaborative Commerce Network. With SAP’s recent acquisition of Ariba, that number has now grown to over one million companies worldwide, making it the world’s biggest trading network.

Bigger networks are more effective

Much like with social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the usefulness of business networks increases with size. A larger selection of buyers and sellers means an increased likelihood of finding the right product at the right price – anywhere in the world. And since the Ariba Network is cloud-based, participants also benefit from more efficient workflows. Companies have reported 60% improvements in order accuracy and 20% faster payments.

Next up is the integration of in-memory analytics through SAP HANA. This will allow companies on the Ariba Network to analyze market data, supplier information, transaction history, and contract terms in real time before they make a purchase or sales decision. And they’ll be able to do so whether at the office or on the go, thanks to mobile support from SAP.

Two areas of integration with SAP Business Suite

SAP also plans to release a number of rapid-deployment solutions that will help integrate the Ariba Network directly into SAP Business Suite software. This will occur in two areas: the product catalog and purchase orders and invoices:

  • Product catalog integration between SAP Business Suite, including logistics materials management and supplier relationship management, and the Ariba Collaborative Commerce Network, based on SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration software
  • Purchase order and invoice automation for automated exchange of documents in the procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes

These are just the first steps towards tighter integration between SAP and Ariba. But you can be sure that the coming years will only bring more connections between cloud, mobile, social, and in-memory technologies.