Higher Prices for IT Services

(Photo: istockphoto.com)

IT services rates have increased across all categories in 2012. This was the finding of an analysis of price development conducted by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). The survey included 156 providers and users of IT services, as well as experts.

The reason for the positive trend is above all the economy, as the debt crisis hasn’t brought the severe consequences that were expected. On the whole, rates increased 0.4% in 2012. Solutions in business intelligence (BI), human resources, and for specific industries were the frontrunners in growth last year, and in these areas, IT services rates increased by 1.3%.

Mobilty, cloud, big data and in-memory know-how are needed

PAC is expecting an increase of 1.2% for daily rates across all consultant levels for 2013. And they forecast especially good news for consultants in the BI, CRM (customer relationship management), and SCM (supply chain management) areas, who can expect an increase of 1.5% in 2013. According to the study, the consultants in highest demand are those highly-qualified candidates who can help with the integration of mobility, cloud, big data, and in-memory topics.