Hope for AIDS Orphans

Photo: iStockphoto.com

Robert Botha, long-time member of the South African diplomatic corps in Paris, was at a dinner when he first told an SAP representative about one of the major challenges facing his country: how to properly care for the many AIDS orphans. It is a task of enormous magnitude. Around 5.8 million South Africans are HIV-positive, and as a result, many children lose their parents to the virus.

Conservative estimates put the number of AIDS orphans at 1.5 million; this does not include the large number of cases that go unreported. Still, all care-based organizations together reach only around 15% of the children in need. Even worse: the number of new HIV infections exceeds the capacity for treatment.

Thus an idea was hatched, in the conversation between Robert Botha and SAP, to implement data management and analysis software to deal with the magnitude of the problem. Instead of simply raising funds in the traditional sense, this enables organizations to collect donations of food, school fees, and social services.

“Together, the value that can be used towards a better good is much more than ever imagined,” says Robert Botha.

IT systems like SAP Business One are ideal for managing the capital that accrues through social networks. And for providing a secure basis for transfers and donations.

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