SAP 360 Customer Is…

This week’s SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid has given us an opportunity to showcase customers of SAP who have  (according to industry thought leader Esteban Kolsky, ThinkJar) begun to – “deliver on the promise of CRM” with the new SAP 360 Customer.

So what constitutes SAP 360 Customer?
SAP 360 Customer is a solution that encompasses all of SAP’s technology around the customer: be it sales applications, marketing applications, service applications, and also includes the social and collaboration capabilities enabled by our latest offerings.


SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA is a product introduced at SAPPHIRE NOW and is available as either:

  • An on-premise customer relationship management  (CRM) application with full integration on SAP HANA – providing better performance and faster analytics
  • Or, as part of the SAP 360 Customer solution

How is the SAP 360 Customer Solution Different from an SAP Product?
The SAP 360 Customer Solution includes SAP products of which you are already familiar, such as SAP Sales OnDemand, plus others that we’ve just announced: such as SAP Jam, SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting, SAP Social OnDemand SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA, and more.

So – more simply put:

  • SAP 360 Customer = SAP CRM Powered by SAP HANA + SAP Sales OnDemand + SAP Social OnDemand + SAP Jam, and more…
  • SAP CRM Powered by SAP HANA = One product  that can be used stand alone , or, as part of the  SAP 360 Customer solution

As you check out our SAPPHIRE NOW show floor to catch our demos, or as you peruse SAPPHIRE NOW on Facebook or our virtual console, you’ll hear more and learn how customers across many different industries are providing better service, gaining better customer insights, and leveraging mobile and other channels to engage consumers with SAP 360 Customer.

This post originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.