SAP HANA Showcase on Energy Consumption in Manhattan

Picture: SAP

How large was the energy consumption in midtown Manhattan on July 3, and what time of day is peak usage on the Upper East Side? Questions such as these are answered by the showcase solution “The Future of Smart Energy with SAP HANA.” The data from all of Manhattan (time, location, energy consumption) have been loaded into SAP HANA and can be accessed in seconds.

This showcase is to let SAPPHIRE NOW attendees experience what SAP HANA can do. Daniel Freese from Digital Experience, SAP Marketing, explains the goal: “SAP HANA and in-memory technology are still very abstract terms for customers. The showcase allows us to show a concrete application scenario. The visualization helps makes tangible the amount of data, and shows how fast the response time with SAP HANA really is.”

Pilot projects with specific applications for smart energy and smart grids are already running in Australia.

SAP HANA 3D Demo on Smart Energy