Accelerating Time to Value

Business leaders in search of powerful technology innovations can’t complain about the lack of options. Determining which products are best for their companies, however, is another story. For greatest value from innovations like SAP HANA, mobile, and cloud, savvy decision-makers are realizing they need expert guidance. The beauty of the SAP Extended Enterprise Sales Program (E2S) with specialized partners is that it allows partners to make the most of their knowledge and expertise, while bringing innovative solutions and services to customers.

The E2S program nurtures partners like Systech that have in-depth, “insider” knowledge of solutions, targeted industries, and regional or country requirements. Currently 500 partners participate in the program with approximately 50% focused on mobile, business analytics, and database and technology.

On the following pages, three SAP partners explain how they are getting the most out of this program for the benefit of their customers.

  1. Systech: Speedy innovation
  2. Entota: Making Big Data actionable
  3. Syskoplan Reply: BI, SRM, and mobile

Rajeev Tyagi, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Systech, is betting big on SAP innovations. “We’re putting all our strategic dollars towards mobile, analytics, and SAP HANA because that’s what our customers want,” he says.

Speedy innovation

With 400 employees across the United States and Canada, Systech understands North American businesses. The company has built a solid practice that goes wide and deep into the SAP Business Suite, along with targeted industries including high technology, professional services, utilities, and state and local government. But perhaps the most exciting aspect of partnering with SAP lies in the latest innovations.

“We would not be the early adopters of mobility and SAP HANA if not for the specialization program,” states Tyagi, who says Systech was one of the first companies to offer hosted SAP HANA and the SAP rapid-deployment solution for mobile apps and infrastructure. He believes this gives Systech credibility with customers in search of accelerated innovation with less time to value.

“HANA is a game-changer – it’s not incremental,” he adds. “The performance improvements we’ve seen are in the thousands of percent. As HANA gets more and more applications, growth will only increase for both Systech and SAP.”

The “secret sauce” was delivering turnkey solutions. “Our mobility and HANA services are provided on a hosted model so customers of all sizes – from U.S.$50 billion in revenue to as small as 25 users – can get these innovations up and running fast,” says Tyagi.

Next page: PartnerEdge helps Entota better serve its customers Business is also booming for Entota, an SAP service partner and value-added reseller that develops enterprise information management (EIM) solutions. According to co-founder Chris Gorton, Entota has the largest pool of SAP EIM consultants in EMEA. He points to strong demand for industry-specific solutions across Entota’s global customers in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, banking, finance, consumer good, utilities, and retail.

“We saw a clear opportunity in a niche area. Customers are more mature about the role of information management, and they’re looking for specialized solutions by industry and/or lines of business,” explains Gorton.

PartnerEdge helps Entota better serve its customers

Specialization partners often credit their success in part, to SAP’s support around solution development and qualification, and lead generation. Gorton appreciates access to a wealth of information on the SAP partner portal, PartnerEdge, along with one-on-one attention from Partner Service Advisors, both of which he says help Entota better serve its customers.

“It opened up a channel to small and mid-size companies. EIM shouldn’t be reserved for big corporations. It should be available to everyone,” he says.

Gorton expects that as Entota understands the business problems SAP HANA can solve around EIM, the company will develop solution accelerators aligned to those areas. “We have a number of consultants certified on SAP HANA. We see the rapid-deployment solutions SAP is bringing to market, and when it makes sense, we’ll help deliver them.”

Next page: Targeted solutions customers can’t get anywhere else

Syskoplan Reply, a company of Reply Group, has become a preferred SAP partner for mobile and procurement, helping companies move their SAP transactions onto mobile devices. While acknowledging strong demand for ERP, Reply’s senior partner, Domenico Piantelli, emphasizes their focus on new, value-added areas such as business intelligence, supplier relationship management (SRM), and mobile.

Targeted solutions customers can’t get anywhere else

Syskoplan Reply uses its deep knowledge of vertical business processes in consumer goods, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, banking, and digital media to help customers make the most of innovations.

“We know what the customer’s requirements are before starting a project. This way the customer has the best experience,” Piantelli explains. “For example, we combine an understanding of the mobile user and the business needs. Managing many devices is not easy, and we have extensive experience in mobile apps, including integration to make it all work together.”

The company has increased its SRM and mobile presence in the past year with solutions such as supplier qualification.

Unbridled optimism for a better future

As for SAP, year-over-year license revenues from sales of solutions developed by specialized partners in the E2S program have increased almost 40% in 2012, Kevin Gilroy, Senior Vice President, Global Indirect Channels at SAP, sees growth accelerating even more. “We’re seeing an increase of 90% growth in just the last quarter not just from existing customers, but also net new customers who are better served.”