Five Tips for a Relaxing Winter Break

Photo: iStockphoto

Looking forward to some peace and quiet over the Christmas vacation period? With deadlines looming, your e-mail inbox spilling over, and the relative ease of working from home, it’s not all that simple to forget about work for a few days. But you’ll only really enjoy the festive season if you make a conscious effort to ignore all the paper work. So, here are our top tips for getting some quality “downtime”.

1. Exercise

Get outside! Whether you prefer a leisurely hike or action-packed winter sports, spending time in the fresh air is the perfect way to switch off and relax. What’s more, there’s nothing better than returning home after a long day in the snow and crashing on the sofa – with a completely clear conscience.

2. Savor

Why not treat yourself to your favorite dish? Make use of your vacation time to prepare a really special meal or to enjoy a leisurely visit to your favorite restaurant. Let your taste buds be your guide!

3. Sleep

Wake up with sunnot when your radio alarm tells you to! It’ll do you a world of good. Even if it means sleeping until lunchtime, listen to your body’s clock and catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing.

4. Give

Make someone happy. You don’t have to buy a big, expensive gift. Small gestures often work wonders. Buy or bake someone their favorite Christmas cookies or invite them to the theater with you. Give your imagination free rein!

5. Play

Switch your PC or laptop off and enjoy some time offline. Join friends and family for a favorite leisure activity, a fun snowball fight, or just some quality time together.