Forrester: IT Is Too Slow for the Business

IT and the business have never worked more closely with each other. Since companies need highly-functional processes to be successful, IT has long played a key role in the success of the business.

That’s why it’s alarming to learn that the IT department often isn’t able to react to new demands quickly enough. This was the result of a study that Forrester Research conducted with 105 decision makers from the business and IT. Their findings reveal that 65% of companies require longer than three months to deliver services that are needed by the business. Only 15% of companies are able to do so in less than one month.

The consequences are enormous: More than one third of companies say they are apprehensive about making big decisions because of this. And when new functions are delivered at a much later date, problems are the logical result, say both the business and IT.

Poor communication and different priorities

Researchers find the reason for this is poor communication. Forty-three percent of participants from the IT side, and 52% from the business side, cite this as the main factor.

Furthermore, decision makers often have different priorities. While the IT department primarily measures success in terms of uptime and cost, the business puts quick implementation of new demands high on its list. In comparison, uptime and cost are listed as the second and fourth priorities, respectively.

The two groups must rapidly align their understanding of success because the IT world certainly isn’t getting any simpler. In light of growing complexity, due to mobile platforms, for example, urgent compromise is in order.