Most-Read Articles in November

Graphic: grasundsterne GmbH

Mobile app topics almost always show up on our monthly list of most-read articles. And why not? These handy helpers are quickly becoming irreplaceable, both in the office and at home. Whether you need help remembering where you parked your car, or you’d like to monitor the performance of your company’s SAP systems, the “Business Apps for November” article has an app for that. And for those looking to stay up-to-date on all things Windows 8, the “Six SAP Apps for Windows 8” article is a must-read. An inside tip: has more Windows 8 topics planned for the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Big Data was another topic that piqued readers’ interest in November. The articles “What Exactly Is Big Data?” and “Big Data: Facts & Figures” provide high-level overviews of this field for those people who aren’t exactly data scientists. The question remains, however, how companies plan to fill the 4.4 million jobs to be created from Big Data in 2013. Gartner estimates the number of qualified data experts to be only one third of the amount needed to occupy these positions. Rounding out the list is a technical article on combining SAP HANA with business intelligence for “Ultrafast Analytics”.

A second look at the most-read articles

1. Business Apps for November

2. Six SAP Apps for Windows 8

3. What Exactly Is Big Data?

4. Big Data: Facts & Figures

5. Ultrafast Analytics