SAP Radio Sets its Watch for 2013: Game-Changers Predictions – Part 1

It is customary in all forms of communications to do a year-end review and predict what is coming up in the New Year. Normally you get someone’s top 10 predictions, but that stale model was too tame for Bonnie D. Graham, host of SAP Radio’s Coffee Break with Game-Changers. Instead, she proved that she was up to the task of presenting listeners with a grab-bag of 70 predictions from 14 experts in the span of one smart, provocative and high-energy 57-minute show. Her guest experts offered hand-picked game-changing trends in business and articulated how technology enables better business processes from the back office to the field – including mobility, social, localization and globalization (retooled as ‘Glocalization’ by SAP’s Sven Denecken), big data vs. good data, collaboration and culture, and so much more. No matter your interest, you are sure to hear a meaty prediction that could change the course of your company, your industry or your career.

The list of experts is a Who’s Who of analysts, influencers, researchers and consultants. Savor their predictions here.

And tune in for part 2 December 26th at 11 am ET.

List of experts in order of appearance:

This post originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.