The Project Management Office Steps Up

Marcelle Zadra, Carina da Silva, and Natalia Buss, from the project management office at ITS Group (Photo: private)

ITS Group, an SAP Gold Partner in Brazil, recently achieved the SAP Active Quality Management (AQM) accreditation for demonstrating its commitment to quality management methods and principles in its customer projects. ITS Group has been participating in the SAP Partner Quality Program, one of a range of partner quality services provided by SAP’s Partner Service Delivery organization, since August 2011. The accreditation, awarded April 2012, comes in recognition of ITS Group’s adoption of clear quality standards and processes in alignment with SAP’s 10 quality principles. With the new certification in place, ITS Group is well positioned to ensure that its customer projects are delivered to specification, on time and on budget.

“The Partner Quality tools are fully utilized in all ITS Group projects in several key industries, such as chemical, agriculture, apparel and footwear, and mechanical,” says Marcelle Zadra, ITS Group project management office coordinator. “These tools give ITS Group the opportunity to deliver high quality results and enable the project team and its committees to effectively track project deliverables.”

Specialized partner in Brazil

ITS Group, based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, with offices in São Paulo and Curitiba, is a consulting firm that specializes in SAP business process and platforms. It offers a complete solution for the entire cycle related to licensing, implementation, and support for products and solutions in the SAP portfolio. Its customers range from large to small enterprises, with a focus on industries and services companies.

The company has 250 employees, plus two other related enterprises: Mais CRM, focused on SAP CRM, and It’s Mobile, specialized on SAP mobility technologies.

Differentiated approach

ITS Group has distinguished itself as an SAP partner not only because of its partnership commitment, but also with regards to its strategy of staying at the forefront of innovation and integrating new offerings from SAP for the continuous improvement of its business.

“ITS Group is very interested, especially when it comes to new initiatives, and they are also constantly participating in SAP events, always taking the opportunity to follow SAP’s innovations,” says Thiago Lopes, the SAP partner services advisor who works closely with ITS Group as its dedicated partner liaison at SAP (learn more about how SAP partner services advisors work with partners). “I think it shows why they are a very successful and a gold level partner.”

Since they started participating in the Partner Quality Program, the team from the ITS Group project management office – consisting of Marcelle Zadra, Natalia  Buss, and Carina da Silva – stood out for their willingness to implement all of the improvements and quality focus initiatives suggested by the SAP team to ensure project delivery success.

Quality gates enhance transparency 

Participation in the partner quality program has helped ITS Group to improve its quality procedures, thereby driving more successful projects and impacting on customers’ businesses. One new measure that has been effective towards increasing project quality is the introduction of quality gates to validate the integrity of a project’s deliverables. This new step, one of the takeaways from the Partner Quality Program, is helping ITS Group to ensure project transparency, risk reduction, and continuous quality. To learn more about how partners are using SAP’s quality tools and processes, see the Partner Quality Hub eBook.

ITS Group also adopted the SAP Solution Manager as a “single source of truth” for its SAP projects. The Solution Manager has been amplified in these projects as a tool for supporting tests, ensuring solution documentation in a visible and understandable manner, and increasing project compliance according to SAP quality standards.

Bárbara Reis, the partner quality advisor from SAP Partner Service Delivery, who supported ITS Group throughout the accreditation process, says, “Working together with ITS Group was a huge opportunity to assist, collaborate, and support the partner to drive better business with SAP. I am very pleased to have the chance to keep supporting such an engaged and valuable partner to SAP.”