Brazil Readies for the World Stage

(Photo: SAP)
(Photo: SAP)

It won’t be long now until the statue of Cristo Redentor that overlooks Rio de Janeiro welcomes a massive influx of guests to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.

The World Cup alone is expected to bring in approximately 600,000 international visitors, along with 3 million Brazilian tourists. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Sports, the event will generate U.S.$70 billion in economic activity and add 332,000 permanent jobs to the economy. Already more than U.S.$14.6 billion is being invested for improvements in Brazilian infrastructure.

Brazil to improve its IT infrastructure

With the international games not far away, host country Brazil is engaged in a major undertaking to modernize its infrastructure – not only its civil infrastructure, but its IT infrastructure, as well. A recent Gartner Predicts 2013 study declares Brazil a new IT giant, based on the combined power of its growing middle class and demand generated around the upcoming global sports events.

Engineering do Brasil (EngDB), an SAP Partner based in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, is taking an active role in preparing the nation for its promising future.

Part of the global Engineering Group, EngDB is a consulting and application development firm that provides end-to-end SAP ERP solutions based on the Full Solution Provider concept, which covers all phases from implementation to support. The company, in business for 31 years, is currently working on projects to build a modern IT infrastructure to support the rapid growth of Brazilian business and the public sector.

Its customers include firms like Encalso, a Brazilian construction and engineering firm that is responsible for multiple projects in heavy civil engineering, agribusiness, shopping centers, highway concessions, and realty. In operation for over 48 years, Encalso adheres to its fundamental principles of the pursuit of quality and perfection, and respect for the environment.

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Leonardo Andrade Fonseca, solution director at Engineering do Brasil (Photo: private)
Leonardo Andrade Fonseca, solution director at Engineering do Brasil (Photo: private)

In January 2012, Encalso engaged EngDB to replace its legacy software system with SAP ERP and establish new business processes in the areas of financials and controlling, sales and distribution, production planning and control, materials management, and supplier relationship management, among others.

To manage the project for Encalso, EngDB used quality management methods provided by SAP’s Partner Service Delivery organization. Based on SAP’s 10 quality principles, these methods help partners minimize project risks and maximize the benefits to the customer. (To learn more about how partners and SAP work together to drive quality in customer projects, see the latest information from the Partner Quality Hub.)

Joining the SAP Partner Quality program

In June 2011, EngDB joined the SAP Partner Quality Program, one of a range of partner quality services provided by SAP’s Partner Service Delivery organization, with the aim to improve the quality of its SAP implementations and increase customer satisfaction. Through close collaboration with SAP, EngDB implemented new tools and resources to increase the quality of its customer projects through standardization and improvements in control and quality procedures for project management.

In April 2012, EngDB achieved the SAP Active Quality Management (AQM) accreditation for demonstrating its commitment to quality management in its customer projects. The accreditation was awarded in recognition of EngDB’s adoption of clear quality standards and processes in alignment with SAP’s 10 quality principles.

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As a result of applying these new methods to the project for Encalso, EngDB succeeded in delivering the project within scope and on time, all the while ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. It fulfilled the SAP 10 quality principles and implemented the recommendations of the SAP Partner Quality Program, resulting in increased control and quality of project’s deliverables.

Bárbara Reis, an SAP partner quality advisor who worked with EngDB in achieving the Partner Quality accreditation, says, “EngDB has been a focused and cooperative partner since the beginning of their participation in the Partner Quality Program, always concerned and keen to follow SAP best practices. Their quality standards are very visible, such as project control, transparency, and confidence across implementation projects.”

The team at EngDB cited three key points of quality improvement from its participation in SAP’s Partner Quality Program that factored into the success of its project for Encalso. “The use of the Q-Gates has been crucial to the project success,” says Leonardo Fonseca,  EngDB’s Solution Director. “Besides the Q-Gates, the quality program was the key to improving the standardization of certain documents and processes, thus communication with the customer was much more efficient and controlled, thereby ensuring the project’s quality.”

Three key takeaways from SAP Quality Program

  1. Q-Gates: The adoption of Q-Gates, or quality gates, ensured that all quality requirements and project management procedures were measured phase-to-phase and mandatorily passed to the next stage after the completion and acceptance of the previous phase. This ensured that there was no overlap. It facilitated control of the project and served as a means to measure customer satisfaction.
  2. SAP Solution Manager: EngDB has maximized its use of the SAP Solution Manager for project management, with the benefits of added control and integrated test quality. The tool supported EngDB and Encalso throughout the entire project.
  3. Review of EngDB’s Project Management Methodology: Through participating in the Partner Quality program and guidance from its quality advisor, EngDB reviewed its project management methodology and made improvements based on SAP’s best practices and ASAP project methodology. This review resulted in greater project control and quality, and contributed to simplifying and enhancing EngDB’s project management procedures.