Business Transformation Handbook

Photo: SAP AG

The “Handboook of Business Transformation Management Methodology” (BTM2) examines not only the rational aspects of transformation, but also the readiness of employees to accept initiatives for change, a factor that is often underestimated. It provides guidance and support for transformation projects by bringing together different disciplines, including strategy, value, and risk, as well as business process, competency, and training managment. Besides this approach at the meta-management level, the handbook also looks at the practical side of transformation, such as culture, values, communication, and corporate strcture. Theoretical insights, derived from the case studies that were used to develop this methodology, are also included.

BTM2 was produced by the Business Transformation Academy (BTA). It brought together 33 thought leaders from around the world and from various management disciplines to publish the handbook.

The “Handbook of Business Transformation Management Methodology” is commercially available here. It is also available directly from BTA at a reduced price.