Belgian Chocolate Gets Even Better

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An official SAP Service & Education Partner, Expertum develops, manages, implements, and supports SAP solutions for business in the most diverse industries. SAP has also recognized Expertum as an SAP Channel Partner for the small-medium enterprise (SME) segment: medium-sized firms can call in the help of Expertum to implement the SAP Business All-in-One rapid-deployment solution.

In December 2011, as the first and still the only Belgian SAP partner, Expertum received accreditation from the SAP Partner Quality program, a key service that SAP Partner Service Delivery provides to partners to promote project excellence. The team was praised for the clear quality standards it adheres to in all its activities and processes. These standards ensure that customer projects are always delivered on budget, in time, and according to the specified scope.

Partnership for better quality

To achieve the accreditation, Expertum worked closely with the SAP Partner Quality Hub (PQH) within SAP Partner Service Delivery. The goal was to integrate SAP’s methodology and best practices, as well as to further expand the existing quality framework. Anshuman Singh Chauhan, partner services advisor at the SAP Partner Quality Hub for EMEA, met frequently with the Expertum quality team as they progressed through a series of stringent reviews and evaluations based on an agreed Quality Plan. This combined effort of the SAP PQH team and Expertum resulted in Expertum achieving SAP quality accreditation in December 2011, and again in 2012.

In this time, Expertum focused on applying SAP’s 10 Quality Principles in its SAP Business All-in-One rapid-deployment solution projects. Jeroen Descamps, project manager of Expertum, says, “We combined the SAP Business All-in-One ASAP Focus methodology with the SAP’s 10 Quality Principles to build an SAP Business All-in-One checklist which is now used by all our Project Managers.”

Even today, Expertum remains actively engaged in the partner quality program because they see the value in maintaining a continuous focus on quality for their customer implementations.

“The common objective of our cooperation is to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction,” said Hans Bockstal, managing director at Expertum. “Businesses today are increasingly facing complex challenges and it is key for them to manage risks thoroughly during software implementations. The quality management certificate helps us realize successful implementations with significant business added value. That SAP acknowledges our quality strategy is very valuable to us.”

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Apart from the SAP Business All-in-One rapid-deployment solution projects, Expertum also started using the SAP’s 10 Quality Principles during their monthly steering committees to monitor and manage all ongoing projects.

Expertum’s dedicated pursuit of project quality has won praise from many of its customers, like Cavalier, a fast-growing Belgian SME company that is active in developing, producing, and distributing chocolate products containing no added sugar and made with natural sweetener Stevia.

Cavalier: Rising star of Belgian chocolate

As the in-house software package of Cavalier had reached its limits, Expertum proposed SAP Business All-in-One rapid-deployment solution. This is a program specifically designed to help SMEs choose and deploy a complete business solution quickly, affordably, and with minimum impact on their operations. It offered all that Cavalier needed to support its core activities.

The SAP Business All-in-One rapid-deployment solution was successfully implemented in the following domains: production, procurement, inventory management, sales and finance, and CRM.

Applying the SAP Partner Quality program principles and tools, the Expertum project resulted in a very qualitative and successful implementation in just a couple of months. In addition, Expertum also achieved the highest possible level of customer satisfaction at Cavalier.

Felix Verdegem, CEO at Cavalier, says, “Expertum expertly guided Cavalier through the implementation process, like a true partner. Without a good partner, you can never build a good ERP system.”

The future

With the success of the project at Cavalier, Expertum achieved an important milestone in its continuous pursuit of a quality strategy in all its activities. But it doesn’t stop there: Expertum continues to collaborate closely with the SAP Partner Quality Hub team to strive for more successful projects and satisfied customers.

Expertum Consulting Excellence
What’s in a name? From the beginning, Expertum aims to systematically exceed quality expectations. The customer can rely on an exceptionally experienced team of consultants and project managers with deep expertise in the SAP technology and the business processes.  A valuable and long-term relationship with our customers is important. The company was founded in 2006 by two former SAP employees.