SAP Terminology at Your Fingertips

Photo: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

SAP terminology is in constant, worldwide demand, and not only by SAP. Customers, partners, and language service providers use SAP’s standardized terms and their definitions to ensure quality in everything from software user interfaces to documentation and training, to provide the correct translations, and to reduce costs involved in SAP-related projects and products.

Because terminology is a critical factor in any project, SAP Language Services (SLS) developed to provide easy, timely access to SAP’s official public terminology resources at no charge to users. The interface, designed and created on SAP WebDynpro, offers powerful functions for searching and filtering through the contents of the SAPterm terminology database. Detailed views of SAPterm entries include subject area and software release as well as available definitions, abbreviations, synonyms, and additional information. Depending on the entry, the translated equivalents of a given term are available in more than 40 languages.

SAP terminology as the industry standard

Providing terminology access is only the beginning. SLS will update frequently with newly-released terminology from the central SAPterm database. In addition, the SAP Terminology Community will give participants a chance to give feedback to SAP on its terminology and to discuss terminology management issues.

By providing the company’s terms and definitions to the world, SAP continues to influence the language of enterprise resource software and to reconfirm SAP terminology as the industry standard. For more information contact

Did you know . . . ?

  • SAPterm provides official translations of SAP terminology into 37 standard languages – including Catalan, Russian, Vietnamese, Estonian, as well as both simplified and traditional Chinese.
  • There are already 4.0 million terms in SAPterm, including 150,000 source entries that have been translated into 42 other languages.
  • In 2012, SAPterm added translations for SAP terminology into Hindi  and Kazakh.
  • Terms for “customer relationship management” were translated into Turkish, Hungarian, and additional languages for the first time as part of SAP projects. Now these SAP-originated terms – all available in SAPterm – are textbook standards.