Highlights: IT in the Press

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SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann is leaving the company to take a new position as the group chief information officer at Swiss bank UBS, reports Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

U.S. officials have turned to social media to identify suspects in the deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday. In this video interview with The New York Times, David Petty, CEO of X1 Discovery, a provider of search solutions for social media and electronic discovery, explains what technology is used for social media searches and how they work.

Google and the European Commission have finally reached an agreement after a two-year investigation into antitrust allegations made against the search engine company, according to two anonymous sources who spoke with The New York Times. The proposal, which has not yet been officially announced, would require Google to clearly label results from its own properties and show links from rival search engines. Google would be legally bound to this agreement for five years and could be fined up to 10 percent of its global annual sales if it breaks the deal.

Horizon, a 27-inch “desktop” or “table PC” from Lenovo, is expected to ship in late June of this year, reports All Things D. The PC runs on Windows 8 and has a multi-finger touchscreen. Users can prop it up and use it for everyday computing tasks, or lay it flat for games and other entertainment.

The Economist examines the pros and cons of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which the U.S. Congress could make law. The proposal, which has the support of big tech companies like Intel and IBM, would make it easier for companies to exchange information about cyber threats in order to improve corporate defense measures and identify hackers. But according to privacy activist groups and the Web browser provider, Mozilla, it would achieve this at the expense of people’s right to privacy.